Michael and I are what some call ‘digital nomads’. Some refer to it as ‘nomadic living’ and others call it ‘perpetual travel’ or ‘full time travel’. I call it living my dreams.

What does it mean to be a full time traveler? We sold our possessions (boxed up the few things we wanted to keep), quit our jobs, said goodbye to family and friends and we set off to see the world. We don’t know how long we will be on the road and we don’t have any set plans. We are just ‘going with the flow’!


Mexico Beach


Whatever you call it, this way of living isn’t for everyone. Some people like the security of a home, possessions and a career. And that’s okay!

For some, the ‘white picket fence’ life is their dream life. They want the house, closet full of clothes, the 2 cars and a house decked out in all the fancy things money can buy. Once upon a time we wanted all those things too!

And just because they have the house, cars and maybe even the kids, it doesn’t mean they don’t want to travel as well. They just want to have those things to come home to at the end of their trip. And there is nothing wrong with that at all.


Curacao Island Caribbean


The reason I bring this up is because recently there have been quite a few posts out there in cyberspace encouraging everyone to give up their job, sell all their stuff and take off on a road to unknown. Even I have posted about it and encouraged it – to those who want to do it!

And while I am most definitely an advocate for this lifestyle, I can also appreciate that some people just don’t want to quit their jobs, sell their belongings and just take off on a one way ticket.

I know many people who are happy with their careers, have a young family or who just do not desire to live a nomadic life. We do not judge them for it, just as they shouldn’t judge us for our chosen lifestyle.


New York City


Travel does not just have to be in the long term or nomadic sense. It can mean a 3 week trip to Thailand; a long weekend to your neighboring state, or a night or two away to a part of your own city which you have never been to before.

It doesn’t matter how to define travel, it only matters that you travel within your means and the way you desire.

Yes for us, full time travel is what we have always desired to do – It’s what makes us happy. We had spent many years working up the corporate ladder but we were ready for a break to see what else was out there. It doesn’t mean our way of life is any better than someone with the white picket fence dream. Not at all. It’s just different.


Paris France


I know of many travelers who haven’t left their day jobs to travel full time; they simply travel around their job or for their job, thus travel became a big part of their life. And over the years they have continued to ensure travel continues to be a big part of their life, but not the only part.

So however you chose to travel, all that matters is that you do it from the heart. Travel close to home or far away, it doesn’t matter. Do what makes you happy; Do it YOUR way.


How do you travel? Short term vacations or long term like us?