I have always thought that the ultimate lifestyle was to travel around, living in new countries and explore the world around me. Growing up in Denmark – with only 5 million inhabitants – I figured that there must be so much more out there that I’m wasn’t exposed to at home. For some reason I just kept making excuses for why I wasn’t following my dream about leaving Denmark and explore the world. I didn’t think I had the money or I thought it would be best to do “the right thing” and get a good education so I could get a good job and climb the corporate ladder. All of this sensible thinking just kind of made me a bit bored. I could fill my life up with lots of nice and interesting things, but on the bottom line was that something more exciting and challenging was missing in my life.

About a year ago I finally convinced myself that it was time to go try something else and see what the world outside Denmark had to offer. I packed a few suitcases with clothes and put the rest in storage and moved to London. Pretty quickly I got a job, a place to live, some friends, a boyfriend and things seemed to be working pretty good. It was an explosion of new impressions and new situations, people and culture to deal with. It was super exciting and super exhausting at the same time but I was still thinking: “Now I’m living the dream”. There has been lots of ups and downs by moving to a new country, but I have never before learned so much about myself, my culture, my limits and what I’m capable of in such a short amount of time. Moving to London was the first step towards living my dream.


  Living the Dream and Keep Making New Dreams! - londonfromabove


After about 8 months I started feeling a bit trapped though. When the first excitement of moving to a new country was over I started feeling that I had just taken my old life and put it in new surroundings. That was when I quit my job and started as a freelance writer which gave me the possibility to work from wherever I wanted to. That has now led me to Asia where I am traveling around with my laptop and my boyfriend. That is a truly amazing experience!

So far I have been working from my laptop from a beach restaurant, a balcony with a spectacular view over the ocean, a terrace with a view over amazing mountains and monkeys playing around in the trees, and that is just the beginning. I am enjoying getting away from the busy and noisy streets of London where everybody always seems to be in a rush and instead being connected to the nature around me.

Now the biggest issue I have is to find the balance between sightseeing, working and figuring out where we are going to next. I can have fresh coconut and pineapple for breakfast if I want and enjoy the local food at night time. I can observe the local wildlife while working on an article and I can go running on the beach when I need some exercise. I feel a much bigger connection to the nature and the world around me and it makes me feel like I am in my right element.


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Total freedom comes with a price

One of the most important things I have learned from leaving my home country and start exploring the rest of the world is that it is only my own beliefs and limits that decides what is possible and what is not. Being the creator of your own life is really a feeling of total freedom.

Of course it is not all sugar and butterflies, it is also stressful not having a stable income and not knowing what the future looks like. But I will tell you that it is far more exciting than just knowing what you are going to do for the next 40 years or so. But the freedom comes with the responsibility to take control of your own life and not let anyone else demand or decide what is right for you. If you want to live your dream you have to be prepared to take that control and make it happen. Nobody else is doing it for you.



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Keep follow the dream

When I started following my dream it took me to London. In London I created a new dream that took me to Asia. Here I am starting to create new dreams and who knows where they will take me. Dreams keeps changing and if you are constantly going with the flow you can keep following the dream and living it. At least that is what I am trying to do: Living out my current dreams, while creating dreams for the future. The feeling of freedom and satisfaction of living your dream is amazing and I can’t encourage you enough to figure out what your dreams are and go for it!


Living the Dream and Keep Making New Dreams! - dancingme


Laura Nicolaisen is a Danish girl that left Denmark more than a year ago to travel and explore the world. She works as a freelance writer and on her own website Happy Sprout she writes about the magic of having a fun, healthy and happy lifestyle by listen to what your body and your heart are telling you to do.