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Living The Dream Is Freedom

Some people cannot fathom why I would want to live with no possessions and no security.  I understand it’s not the regular way of doing things, but I was never one to conform to what we are led to believe is ‘normal’.

While some people have trouble understanding why I live nomadically, others admit to their secret desire of living the same way.  My chosen lifestyle is neither the wrong way nor the right way to live; it’s simply my way.


Living The Dream Is Freedom - Beach View


Don’t get me wrong; I tried the 9 – 5, white picket fence life.  And for the most part I enjoyed it.  But there was always a feeling of displacement, which I never fully understood until I left that life.   My whole adult life I moved from one place to the other.  I was a gypsy and was never happy sitting still.  But of course I would one day realize that just moving from one suburb to another wasn’t enough.

My dreams of long-term travel started on my first overseas trip, 10 years ago.  I was on the beautiful island of Fiji, eating foreign food, meeting strangers and doing things I never had done at home, and I thought “I could get used to this!”.  But of course, the trip has to end at some point right? We have to go back to our mediocre lives, back to our 9 – 5 jobs and save up to go on another trip 12 months down the track.  But why? Why does it have to be that way?


Living The Dream Is Freedom - Manhattan Skyline


After 10 years of doing it this way I decided I wanted more.  I wanted to immerse myself into other cultures, other customs but I couldn’t do this with a 4 week vacation every 12 months.  So I started to research the costs involved with long-term travel.  Little did I know this was the start of my new career as well as my new life.

I’d never heard of travel blogs before that point but now I was suddenly discovering them all over the Web.  And I became fascinated, perhaps even obsessed, by these ordinary people living extraordinary lives.   I spent more hours than I care to admit reading these blogs, finding out everything I could about how they made travel a prominent part of their life.  Did they win the lottery?  Did they inherit a fortune?  No, they were ordinary people just like myself, the only difference was, they were living the dream!


Living The Dream Is Freedom - Eiffel Tower Paris


It didn’t take me long to realize that if I really wanted this, I too could live the dream. But how would I talk Michael into this?  He is the sensible one, I am the reckless one.  He will think I am crazy for wanting to get rid everything we worked so hard to get just so we could travel the world!   And while it took him a little longer to see how we could make this work, once we had a plan in place he grew more and more confident that this was going to be something we would regret if we didn’t do it.

So we planned, planned and planned some more! And while we planned we saved, and saved and saved some more.  I won’t lie, it didn’t happen over night.  It took a year of saving before we had enough in the bank to last us for 3 years on the road. However, at the time we didn’t know if we would in fact be gone for 3 years.  We didn’t put a time on it at all.  We said we’d like to go for a year but let’s just see what happens.  We had no idea if we were going to like this new lifestyle. What happens if we got home sick?  Or if we ran out of money too quickly?  We just knew we were going to go for as long as we felt it was right.


Love is in the air


Well, almost 3 years later we are still going and we have no intention of giving up this lifestyle any time soon.  You could say we have become addicted to it.

Why do I love it so much? There are a plethora of reasons but mostly it’s the freedom that I am addicted to.  We never set an alarm; We do not have any deadlines; We have no stress or anxiety (unless we run out of chocolate!); We have no timetable and no decision is set in stone.  We have the freedom to come and go from any destination as we wish.


For some people that is reckless living but for me it’s Living The Dream!



  1. Rachel /


    Great post! It’s great to hear how happy you are now that you’re doing what you want. My husband (also named Michael) and I will start our traveling around the world in 10 months! Just like you, we have no time frame and plan on making it last as long as possible. We are going to try to utilize housesitting as well to help keep our budget down.

    We’ve been together about 3 1/2 years and in that time have lived in three different states and 5 different cities/towns. It’s great to hear you say that moving from one suburb to the next wasn’t enough, that’s how we feel.

    We’re going to Costa Rica at the end of summer for a few weeks to wet our appetite a bit and make it so we don’t just get up and leave our current lives right now! 🙂

    Looking forward to checking out your whole website!

    Just another reckless girl,

    • Michael
      Michael Wright /

      Firstly your husband has an awesome name 😉

      You sound very similar to us and I’m sure you are going to love the RTW trip. You will also love Costa Rica even if it is only for a short time. Costa Rica is one of my favorite countries we have been too. Make sure you visit some sloths, one of natures best.
      Michael Wright recently posted…Fun at Universal Studios OrlandoMy Profile

      • Rachel /

        Yes he does! 🙂

        I love Costa Rica! This will be my second time there but my husband’s first. It’s one of the coolest places I’ve ever been to and could see myself moving there for a while 🙂

  2. Very inspiring post! I am on my way to live my dream now… Very excited! : )

  3. Very true! Why do we need to live a life we don’t want? We only get one after all…
    Suzy recently posted…Summer Airplane Outfit Problems and SolutionsMy Profile

  4. Great post… we’re toying with making travel our life… but we’re already extremely lucky to have lived in a number of different countries. I commend anyone for making a change to their life no matter what it is to live their dream 🙂
    Bell recently posted…Funny hostel stories: The Budapest check-in prankMy Profile

    • Michael
      Michael Wright /

      100% agree 🙂

      We believe traveling is our dream, but if your dream is something else then go for it! If you want to be a professional knitter, then you have our full support 😉
      Michael Wright recently posted…Flowers of the World Photo EssayMy Profile

  5. It’s amazing how too few people really question their reality. Maybe they don’t realize that they can shape it into anything they desirer? It’s even more amazing when you realize that you the world is so limitless and that you can live however you see fit. Keep on designing everything in your lives just they way you want it!
    Brock recently posted…We Crave Adventure… Do You?My Profile

    • Michael
      Michael Wright /

      Exactly. The world is full of possibilities and we are lucky enough to choose which path we want to go down 🙂
      Michael Wright recently posted…A Segesta Sicily StoryMy Profile

  6. White picket fence. Why does it have to be that way? Indeed!

    I so enjoy reading about a couple that has thrown off all those self-imposed shackles for a life of freedom! We only put ourselves into little boxes–nobody else does that for us. My husband and I are paring down our possessions to make a move in the next two years. We actually want to get rid of everything we own–barring a few prized possessions.

    I’m tired of all the stuff and all the materialism. We are looking at Costa Rica or Ecuador. Which would you suggest?
    Penelope Silvers recently posted…Authors: Find a Fun Hobby to Boost Your Writing!My Profile

    • Michael
      Michael Wright /

      We have only been to Costa Rica so we can only comment on that. We loved it. We were there for a couple of months and it is one of the most beautiful places we have been. The wildlife is simply amazing.

      To live there longterm, you definitely need to be a chilled out relaxed type person and enjoy the warm weather. I say relaxed, because most days (after doing most of the touristy stuff) you are not going to involve doing much. We spoke to many people who quite happily sit out the back and read most of the day. Completely different pace to a city.
      Michael Wright recently posted…Best of Europe Photo EssayMy Profile

  7. All so true. It took me years to accept that lots of people won’t understand this but yes, long-term travel is such a fantastic lifestyle. And it changes everything about the rest of your life too (well it sure has for me)! Lovely post.
    Amanda Kendle recently posted…Dubai Airport and how the difficult parts of travelling fade quickly from my memoryMy Profile

  8. That’s great! Yes, I am also living my dream – traveling whenever possible and writing about my experiences. I am also slowly moving towards a nomadic lifestyle…quitting the cubicle for the rewarding journey on the road.
    Renuka recently posted…South Mumbai Wanderings – In PicturesMy Profile

  9. Great post! The ultimate luxury is freedom, I agree! We’ve moved around a bit in the last 5 years and we’re settling down for a few years in order to build up our wealth base before hopefully moving to Argentina in a few years! Meanwhile we’re working towards being location dependent so we can have a life of travel!
    Peggy recently posted…Travel Tip: What to pack for AustraliaMy Profile

  10. Wow, you are really living the dream, aren’t you? I wish someday I could take off too, without a time-frame for return. For now, I guess I will keep travel as a passion and as a means to refuel my work-exhausted self. Nice reading btw.
    Anwesha recently posted…Quick Snap: The Spice SellerMy Profile

  11. I’ll have to agree. who needs possessions when you can have memories
    Justin recently posted…19 Things I Learned About BulgariaMy Profile

  12. Nice post guys very inspiring for many that like you and like us wants to travel, experience the world and be free from any restricted time schedule. It’s a very brave choice to do but once you start is difficult to stop 🙂
    Franca recently posted…Weekend Photo Theme – Fruit StandsMy Profile

  13. Inspiring and all the best!
    Nicola recently posted…My 4 year old’s 2014 Travel Bucket ListMy Profile

  14. Wow! This is surreal! Until I read your blog post, I had never considered a nomadic life. It certainly sounds tempting! I love the idea of being free from possessions. I’m living the “white picket fence” life right now. It’s a very stable life, but I do feel trapped by it sometimes. I became a flight attendant hoping that would alleviate some of my distress in being grounded, but you would be surprised at how little travel I end up doing even while working in the airline business. Thanks for sharing your website with us! I look forward to learning more!

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