London would be the perfect city, if the weather was better!

I loved London but I wasn’t fond of the constant grey sky, frequent rain and a wind that left my hair looking like permanent “bed head”.

I mean, what’s not to love; Big Ben, Tower of London, all the streets from the Monopoly game; London Bridge; Red telephone boxes; Buckingham palace; funny looking policemen with big hats… I mean, wow, London has it all!

I could most definitely see myself living in a city like this – if the weather was better.  I know I know, it’s the UK for heavens sake… What do I expect!  But I am a lover of the sun, so for this reason alone (and really, the only reason), that takes London off my “List of places I could settle down in… when at some point I am ready to settle down”.

But from a visitors point of view, wow what a city!


London Red Phone Boxes


I actually didn’t expect to like London as much as I did. Why? I’m not too sure really.  I just didn’t realize London was so… Beautiful!

I am a lover of good architecture (well when I say a ‘lover’ what I mean is I appreciate pretty buildings.. I actually know nothing about architecture itself).  And there was a lot of “pretty’ buildings here.  And what I loved was that it had a mixture of ‘old school’ and modern styles which worked really well together.

For part of our London visit, we walked through the city trying to find all the Monopoly roads (from the original game, not one of these fancy ass new versions).  That was a lot of fun.. and a lot of walking!  But visiting them all meant we saw SO much of the city.  We found every single one…and have the photos to prove it.  We made it into a bit of a game… yeah, we’re total nerds!


London Statue


London is a hub of activity, day and night.  We aren’t ones much for partying into the wee hours (total nerds I tell ya) but many people have commented about the great nightlife London has on offer.

Don’t try and do London is 3 days, you will not appreciate all she has to offer.  Take your time, soak her in cause she really is an amazing city; something for everyone!  I guess we’re not the only ones to think so… 8.1 million people also agree.


Small Car Big City Tour

This is a really cool way to see the city.  It’s a guided tour around London in a Mini Cooper!  You get to see all the famous landmarks as well as a few you may not be familiar with.  And if you are a William & Kate fan, there is a tour specifically around them!  SCBC Tours offer a few different tours and are a really fun way to see London.


London Tower Bridge


Tower of London

This world heritage site is one of London’s most iconic landmarks and worth a visit.  If you are a history buff this is the place for you. If not, you will still enjoy the sheer grandeur of it all.   Of course there are loads of tourists here but don’t let that put you off; They run it very well.  See things like the Crown Jewels, The Rack, Suit of Armor and the Bloody Tower.  A very interesting day out.


Hyde Park

I love a day out at the park!  I love walking through the gardens, feeding the ducks (and greedy pigeons) and picnicking.  Hyde Park didn’t disappoint.  There is a beautiful rose garden to walk through, you can hire a boat and cruise down the lake, there’s memorials, fountains, wildlife, good food.. and so much more.  Pack a picnic or eat at one of the many eateries.  This is a lovely and relaxing day out.