There are so many places in the world where you can spend a luxurious family holiday. You can see stunning natural sights, indulge in fabulous food, and stay in paradisiacal accommodation that will leave you relaxed and serene. Here are some luxurious family holiday ideas.




Portugal is among the top twenty most visited countries in the world and has many fabulous things to offer to visitors like stunning beaches, fabulous wine, sophisticated villas, and it’s 16th century architecture. Be sure to take a trip to Duoro vineyards and wineries where you can try samples of wine. Visit the Sanctuary of Fatima, one of the largest Roman Catholic Shrines in the world, which has up to 5 million visitors each year. Explore National Park Peneda-Gerês which is home to wolves, golden eagles and deer. Pena Palace is a stunning hilltop palace that is also a good place to visit.



Russia has had a troubled past but in spite of this they have amazing architecture and a very diverse culture. The landscapes vary from subtropical beaches to the tundra. There are so many ways to explore the country and you can take luxury river cruise down Volga River and Svir Rive or take a ride on the Trans-Siberian Railway tour and enjoy the luxurious accommodations and the beautiful train. Visit the cities of Moscow and St Petersburg to explore the astounding architecture and history of this amazing country.





France is a fabulous place for a luxury vacation. One of the best things about France is the cuisine, dining out at French restaurants is a great way to introduce your children to new types of food. Whilst in France you can stay in castles, sea side resorts, villas, chateaus, and luxurious apartments. Château de Béhen in Somme is a great place to relax and you will have large grounds with horses, sheep, rabbits, donkeys and goats.

Le Moulin de Connelles is in Normandy and it has tennis courts, a heated pool and boats that you can take out on the water. Hôtel de la Plage, Sainte Anne-la-Palud, Finistèr is a luxury seaside hotel in Brittany that has amazing scenery and a stunning beach. Villa Florno is in Pornichet and you can indulge in activities like sailing, surfing, water skiing, and scuba diving.



Sri Lanka

The country of Sri Lanka offers a diverse landscape of mountains, forests, tea plantations, colonial cities, religious monuments and stunning beaches. It also has glorious flora and fauna and people work hard to maintain the pristine beauty. It’s worth liaising with a Sri Lanka holiday expert to ensure your itinerary allows you to make the most from your time here. You might enjoy spending some time at Saraii Village where you can stay in luxurious mud huts and tree houses that are naturally cooled by a canopy of over 1,000 trees.



The Costa Smeralda offers stunning beaches and luxurious hotels. Sardinia is blessed with forested valleys, classic sandy beaches and charismatic towns to visit. You will have plenty of options for family friendly activities. A few places to visit are Cagliari which is a 13 century cathedral and Nuraghe Riu Mulinu which is an archaeological site featuring bronze age relics as old as 1500 BC. Stintino is a popular beach known for windsurfing, hiking and fishing. Porto Cervo has marinas, night life, shopping and beaches. Bosa is known for its wines, churches and rivers and Golfo Aranci is known for dolphins, whale watching and golf.




Nothing speaks of luxury more than staying in a castle with all modern amenities at your disposal.

Live like royalty while you explore the spectacular sites of lochs, castles, coastal areas, stunning mountains and beautiful forests. Scotland also has spectacular golf courses, railway tours, fine dining and luxurious textiles made in Scotland. It is a great place to relax together as a family.


Image credit – Portugal, Sri Lanka & Scotland.