Enjoy Barcelona to its fullest even if this is your first trip to the stunning city with great nightlife and gorgeous food and not to miss out on that awesome architecture.  Still, the city can be a tough nut to crack. However, if you know some of the tips and tricks, you can sure feel like an expert.



Like every other popular travel destination, it would help if you get a bit aware of the city and its major attractions. Most first-timers to the city opt for Barcelona tours and for good reasons. After all, it makes sense to explore the city with an expert local guide and enjoy the city even more.


The Right Time To Go

As Barcelona enjoys a Mediterranean climate, the best times to explore the city are early summer and fall.  Although the weather remains comfortable year-round, one should avoid the summer months when the temperatures can soar. Winters are cool and crisp.



Do Some Research

Keep in mind that you are visiting the second largest city in Spain that is made of different communities and is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Europe. Learn a bit about the capital of Catalonia which is more than 2,000 years old. Spanish and Catalan are the two official languages, but you will find that most people can speak and understand English. The city is easy to navigate as it is based on a grid system.


How To Move Around

Well, the narrow roads of the Catalan capital are not well suited for cars or buses. So, make good use of your feet to explore those iconic picturesque neighborhoods of the historic city. You will not only enjoy a better experience but make some savings too! Still, the city boasts of a reliable metro and bus network to explore the city.



What To See

There is plenty to do and see in this wonderful city and enjoy its spectacular views and take a look at its magnificent monuments. Here are a couple of must-sees and dos especially if you are a first timer.

  • Explore Gràcia – You can start with Gràcia which is a suburb with endless shops, restaurants, and cafés.  Explore those amazing tapas bars, specialty boutiques, and home decor shops. Placa del Sol and Carrer d’Astúries boast of a massive tourist presence, and Carrer Gran de Gràcia is famous as the main road.
  • Head for nearby hills – If you want to enjoy some spectacular views of Barcelona, get out of the city and head for Tibidabo and Montjuïc. Enjoy some great views from the top and spend some time relaxing in those beautiful parks and gardens.
  • The Gothic quarter – You must explore the Gothic quarter of Barcelona that is home to antique markets and ancient churches. You will love walking on those cobbled streets and enjoy looking at the impressive architecture.
  • Sway with the locals – It is time to tune in as Barcelona is a musical city. You can enjoy the electronic music of Moog. or the classical music at the Palau de la Música. This is your chance to rub shoulders with the locals as you experience one of those world-famous music festivals and open-air events here.
  • Enjoy La Boqueria – You must visit the fresh produce market that sells fruit juices, traditional pastries, handmade sweets, and other local delicacies. The colors and smells of this vibrant market are sure to overwhelm your senses.
  • Try the seafood – It is no surprise to see some amazing seafood delicacies as the city is located right night to the sea. Thus, take advantage of those excellent seafood restaurants and enjoy classic dishes such as clams and lobster as well as unusual seafood like sea urchins and goose barnacles.


Photo Credits – Font Magica & La Sagrada Família Cathedral.