Vienna. Even the word sounds decadent. When we think of Vienna we think of great food, the home of classical music and elegant buildings. Just being in Vienna makes you feel like you’re experiencing luxury, so you don’t have to look very hard in the city to slide into its world of pure indulgence and relaxation.


Walking in Awe Through Vienna - OPERA


Catch a show at the State Opera House

One of the things that Vienna is famous for is being home to some of the greatest musicians and composers that the world has ever known. As you can imagine, it’s something that the city is still extremely proud of today (and quite rightly!) and the Vienna State Opera House stands proudly as a landmark to preserve and treasure everything that Vienna is famous for. Here you can catch all kinds of productions, such as ballet and opera, with some of the finest examples of those in the world are by Vienna’s own state institutes.

Tickets for these shows aren’t actually as expensive as you would think. The cheap tickets for the seating sections can go as low as 30 euros, but obviously they might not give you the best view in the house. If you’re really on a tight budget but still desperate to get your culture fix and the Opera House, head there a few hours before the show and get your hands on 4 euro tickets. Yep… 4 euros! The only catch is that these tickets are standing. However, you have rails to lean on, and if you’re watching a ballet that only goes for about an hour and a half, that is so captivating anyway, you won’t even realize you’re standing. Operas tend to be much longer, up to 3 or 4 hours sometimes, so definitely consider just how much you’re willing to stand through for the price.


Heavenly Flavors of Viennese Cuisine - High Tea


High Tea at Palais Hansen Kempinski Hotel

As you may have gathered from our other articles about luxury travel in Europe, we’re fans of afternoon tea, and love to indulge – There is nothing better than 3 layers of miniature sweets! Each place we go to has their own signature style, and each country serves different dishes depending on the local specializes. High tea as the Palais Hansen Kempinski Hotel is no different, with their traditional Viennese bites of sweet pastries and cakes, accompanied by authentic Austrian tea or an aperitif if you’re in the mood for one.


A Touch of Luxury in Vienna - SHOPPING


Shop in the Golden Quarter

The Golden Quarter in Vienna is a dazzling combination of old meets new, traditional meets modern, and complete luxury meets olden-day charm. When we say this is luxury shopping area, we seriously mean luxury – some of the biggest designers of the planet have stores in this gorgeous district. Even though we know that these tastes don’t always apply to travelers and people on an affordable luxury budget, it’s still a beautiful neighborhood to walk through, where you can mingle with the local high-flyers and dine in some of Vienna’s most beautiful restaurants. If you have the budget for fashions on sale, this is the area for you. If you don’t, well, there’s no harm in a little window shopping, right?


A Touch of Luxury in Vienna - Sky Bar


Have a drink at Sky Bar

Like many cities across the globe, there are building in Vienna that has some of the best views of the skyline, and businesses have capitalized on that by putting elegant bars and restaurants right at the top of those buildings. Our pick of the bunch is Sky Bar which has one of the best views in town, especially if you decide to go and have a drink at night, when the cityscape lights up into something incredibly special. Sky Bar has over 350 cocktails for you to choose from, so you may be staring at that skyline for quite some time.


Vienna Austria - Parliment Building


Wander through the elegant street

Who said luxury had to be all about emptying your wallet? Luxury can be a state of mind, and by simply wandering through the incredible streets of Vienna, you can feel like you’re walking out of some kind of decadent dream. Almost all the streets in Vienna are beautiful to walk through, and if you just look up to the buildings surrounding you, in every corner of Vienna you’ll find stunning architecture to feast your eyes upon. Buildings such as the State Opera House, and The National Museum of Vienna and fine examples of legendary Vienna architecture, so as well as looking out for those hidden gems of beauty, make your way to the classic stunners as well.


A Touch of Luxury in Vienna - TURKISH BATH


Get the hammam experience at a Turkish bath

Aux Gazelles is home to Vienna’s only Turkish bath, and although you can opt for numerous spa experiences all over the city, indulging in a Turkish bath day is definitely one of the finest ways to do it. Dive into a cold-hot infusion in the baths, as well as various washing and peelings from ‘hammamcis’, your faithful hamma staff. Aux Gazelles also has a luxurious restaurant, oriental tea house, and a beauty spa for massages and manicures, amongst other things. Come and pamper yourself with a little bit of east meets west.


High wine


Venture down to the wine cellars

Wine culture in Vienna is pretty popular, as you can imagine for a European city. The Villon Wine Cellar is one of the oldest wine cellars in Vienna, and takes you deep into the heart of the city, four stories down and 16 meters below the ground. You can take a tour of these wine cellars to go on a journey through the history of wine in Austria, and finish it all off with a sampling of numerous wines. Not only with they be simply delicious, but you’ll learn the background behind these wines and have a chance to chat to an expert about each one and its full-bodied flavor. You’ll be a smug wine know-it-all in no time.


French Cuisine at its Best - tarte


Drink coffee and eat cake

So the last point on our list is a very simple yet effective way to feel luxurious in Vienna. The whole of Austria is famous for producing some of the most delicious desserts in Europe, with Vienna’s signature cuisine some of the best in the country, and surprisingly to some, so is the coffee. Even if you find the dodgiest little café on some random street in Vienna, the selection of cakes and pastries will still be pretty impressive. Tuck in to some Sacher torte or apple strudel, and sip on one of Vienna’s finest espressos.


As you can see, luxury in Vienna is available to travelers on any kind of budget. Even if you have almost nothing, you can still afford to watch one of the best ballet productions in the world and eat some of the finest foods on offer in Vienna. If you’re feeling a little more lucrative, there are some exclusive spots where you can completely spoil yourself rotten. Luxury in Vienna isn’t hard to find, and anyone can feel like royalty in this stunning European treasure.


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