For years I spent my life slaving away 60+ hours each week in a high stress industry. I felt like I should have been happy because I had everything most people want – a nice house, a big yard, a wardrobe full of fancy clothes… I was living the dream, right? If so, why was I so miserable? Why couldn’t I feel happy? I worked for everything I had and I was proud of myself for what I had accomplished but true happiness felt like an elusive dream I could never quite wrap my fingers around. The only time I ever felt happy was during my yearly vacations when I could escape my life. Every vacation was spent as far away as we could manage and we did our best to forget our lives as we knew them. (Looking back now I realize that probably wasn’t a healthy way to feel!)

The best decision I ever made was to Quit the Cubicle.  I have spent the last four years of my life traveling the world and I’ve never been so incredibly happy! I never even thought it was possible to be this happy! I have so far been to 45 countries and set up “office” in every single one of them. All it takes is my trusty laptop and access to the internet. My life is now truly amazing and I’m living the dream!!!! No bosses to report to, no long hours sucking the life out of me, and no doing work I don’t want to do! I chose what I do, when I do it and for how long!




What is a Freedom Lifestyle?

Ditching the 9-5 thing and living the freedom lifestyle means going anywhere you want to go at any time and staying for as long as you like. You can travel to Greece and stay two weeks then move on to Milan and live there for six months! It doesn’t matter. As long as you have a laptop to work from and an internet connection to put you in touch with the rest of the world, the rest is cake.


The Benefits of Having an Online Business

One of the most obvious perks is having no overheads! Because you’re not working from a brick and mortar location, you don’t have to worry about a lease, utility bills, or any of that pesky stuff that goes with running a tangible office. Do you realize what that means for your bottom line? Your profit margin is going to be huge. Another great thing about an online business is that it’s always…well, online. There are no office or store hours. People can buy your awesome products from 100,000 miles away while you relax on the beach enjoying cute little umbrella drinks.

Another perk is being able to say no to things you don’t want to do. You might have a business opportunity come along – maybe even one with huge dollar signs attached! When you’re working for someone else, you will most likely be forced to accept that job and give it your all. (Thus 60-80 hour work weeks!) As your own boss, though, you have the freedom to look at this particular job and decide for yourself if it’s worth it to you personally to accept. Does it require a lot of hours? Is the financial payoff worth the time and energy investment? If not, say NO! And then you move on to the next thing. It’s a beautiful scene, isn’t it? You are in charge of your finances, your responsibilities, and your freedom. You have the final say on absolutely everything you do – or don’t do!




How to Make it Work

This might sound oversimplified – and perhaps it is to some extent. The bottom line, though, is to put yourself out there. Once you take that leap of faith and decide to travel full time, the rest is easy enough if you want it badly enough. You figure out what you want your line of work to be and you dive in.

Want to travel blog? Great! There’s one source of income for you right there. You write about your travels, post beautiful photos you take with your phone, and build an audience. Maybe then you take on some advertising offers – little things that get posted on your website. Maybe later you decide to get involved in different types of advertising – and trust me when I tell you there are several types!! Most of the pay in different ways too so you have flexibility there and can decide what works best for you and your personal needs. Again – you’re the boss and you make the calls! It’s all about freedom.

Another way to branch out is to incorporate your travel blog into online courses like I have. Again, there are several ways to approach this and it all depends on what you personally feel comfortable with. You can do everything from mini courses to full online courses to books and even training videos. The next thing you know you have several websites for all the different things you’re good at or are interested in and they all have their own income potential.

So what are you waiting for? Surely you’re not scared. Intimidated by the impact happiness might have on you…perhaps! It can be scary to implement such a huge change but please believe me when I tell you it’s worth it. That single decision I made four years ago has changed everything about my life and has changed things about myself as well – all for the better! Don’t let your fears hold you back. Go!