Melbourne is a city that uniquely enthralls its travelers. The coastal capital of Victoria is indeed full of surprises. The scenic and cosmopolitan city is built around a grid system and is very easy to navigate. Numerous treasures are hidden in its tiny alleys and laneways. There are many things to do in Melbourne, and each of its neighborhoods is genuinely remarkable. Visitors can walk, bike, or simply relax by the roadside, taking in the views and watch the life go by. Melbourne boasts of theaters, art galleries, local attractions and many more.



When to Visit Melbourne

You can visit the city all year round as the climate is temperate. January is the hottest month while July is the coldest. The peaks season lies from September to November and March to May. As there is a massive rush during these months, it is also the most expensive. Hence book in advance to enjoy great deals and vacation.


Moving Around in Melbourne

The public transport system in Melbourne is excellent, and all one needs is a myki card. They can use trams, trains and buses) to reach just about anywhere. There’s a free tram zone for those not planning not to venture out of the Central Business District. The roads and streets are well surfaced and easy to walk around. One can bike if you want to keep fit or rent a car to explore the city. Myki card will cost you about costs 6 AUD.



Where to Stay

Melbourne has a room or a hotel for every kind of traveler. You can stay in budget hotels, or backpacker rooms or opt for luxury resorts. The choice is yours. Hostel prices start at about 25 AUD and can go higher depending on the kind and location of the hotel. The prices can go higher than 120 AUD per night depending on what you are looking for. Many hotels offer free breakfast.


The Food

Melbourne offers delicious cuisine, and the local street food is always a favorite with the tourists. There are noodle bars, pizza parlors and cafes where you can easily enjoy a meal for 14 AUD. If you are looking for good food at low costs, then Melbourne is probably the best in Australia. For most sit down restaurants meals, you pay around 20 AUD, and this is very affordable. If you plan to cook your own meals, you can shop for weeks’ worth of food just for 65-100 AUD. Enjoy all kind of cuisines such as Vietnamese food, Italian, Balaclava for Jewish bakeries, Middle Eastern, African and Asian.



What to See in Melbourne

There is plenty to do and see in Melbourne, and top sights include Royal botanic gardens, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne cricket ground, Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne Museum & Royal Exhibition Building, Abbotsford Convent and a lot more. Melbourne is best experienced in its inner-city neighborhoods where you can enjoy the local delicacies and culture. Sport is a vital part of the cultural fabric, and Melbourne Cup horse race is very popular.


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