Vancouver, the port city for the Canadian province of British Columbia, has become the premier Canadian destination for domestic and foreign visitors seeking a relaxing, fun vacation, either for themselves, as a romantic getaway spot, or for their entire family. This beautiful city is constantly named as one of the top 10 cities in the world for quality of life, and many want to come to Vancouver to see what secrets to quality of life she holds. With its ethnic diversity, museums, and outdoor activities, Vancouver has something for everyone, of every class and of every age.  Yes, there really is so much to explore in Vancouver Canada.


Vancouver Cityscape


We recently spent a little time in the city (several years after our first visit) to visit the Dine Out Vancouver Festival. This is an annual event attracts foodies from all over the country to experience food from some of the best chefs in Canada. It was a great festival and I highly recommend it if you are in Vancouver for next years event. Of course, there are plenty of other treats in store for your visit to Vancouver.


Vancouver Mountains


The western Canadian landscape is relaxing and beautiful, and many people choose to come to Vancouver to recharge their batteries from a busy work schedule and fall in love with nature again. Grouse Mountain is located just fifteen minutes from downtown Vancouver and is the premier four season destination for nature lovers. The famous Grouse Mountain Skyride Gondola, the largest tram system in all of the Americas, will take you 3,700 feet above sea level to see the beauty of the Canadian wilderness and the city of Vancouver.

You will experience panoramic views of the Canadian pine forest below. If you live near Vancouver, you should try to take the Skyride at least once a season, to experience the beauty that each season carries with it, whether it be the snow of Winter, rebirth of Spring, warmth of Summer or stunning Autumn colors.


So Much to Explore in Vancouver Canada - Grouse Mountain


If you or someone you are traveling with is a afraid of heights, don’t worry, you can still enjoy the beauty of Grouse Mountain without venturing onto the Skyride. The mountain offers many hiking trails that can be enjoyed based upon your hiking skill or desired intensity level. The Mountain also has a wildlife refuge, where endangered animals such as Grizzly Bears and Timber Wolves live and play. This is a must see for the kids, or if you and your traveling companions love animals.


So Much to Explore in Vancouver Canada - CHINESE GARDEN


Another great option for nature lovers is the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Gardens. This garden is located in the heart of Vancouver, and is one of the most realistic, well-constructed gardens that you will ever be able to find outside of China. After traveling through the walking paths that focus on the relaxing and peaceful elements of rocks, water, plants, and architecture, you will return to the city feeling more rejuvenated.


So Much to Explore in Vancouver Canada - Science Center


If you prefer the indoors, or just love learning, than you must visit some of Vancouver’s premier museums, such as Science World. The hands on activities at Science World make it a perfect destination for the kids or the child in all of us. In addition to hands on interactive displays, Science World also contains multiple demonstrations by professional scientists and even a theater, in which you can enjoy the biggest science experiments.


So Much to Explore in Vancouver Canada - Vancouver Art Gallery -virtualtourist com


If you are looking for a quieter or more laid back museum experience, the Vancouver Art Gallery is a perfect choice. This museum is known worldwide for the excellent selection of national and international contemporary art. One of the most famous collections that the museum holds is the Emily Carr collection, a native British Colombian artist. Her work includes beautiful paintings of the landscape that will make you want to go out and enjoy the Canadian nature if you haven’t already.


Whether you live in Canada or are looking for a relaxing, rejuvenating getaway, Vancouver is a place to go. Attractions in Vancouver, such as Grouse Mountain or Dr. Sun Ya-Sen Chinese Gardens, utilize nature to help rejuvenate your soul and energy, while museums, such as the Vancouver Art Gallery and Science World, use man-mad objects to stimulate your mind.


Have you been to Vancouver?