On a whim, we decided to check out the Museo Maya de CancunCancun’s archaeology museum. It’s the largest structure built by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH).  After 6 years in the making they opened the doors in November 2012.


Museo Maya de Cancun Ruins


The building itself is a modern piece of architecture and really quite nice to walk around in.  There is a nice view of the surrounding areas from the top level.  The building is air-conditioned and was a bit of relief from the heat outside.


Museo Maya de Cancun artifacts


When you first walk inside you are greeted by the 14,000 old skeletal remains discovered over the last 12 years in Tulum’s underwater caves.

Continue your way through the museum you will find more than 350 archeological artifacts – domestic pottery, ritual items, carved stone, burial masks, weapons, tools and much more. There are also relics on display that have never before been shown to the public.


Museo Maya de Cancun Artifacts


It was pretty cool to see how these guys lived oh so long ago.  It’s amazing to see the sophistication of Mayan societies.

The only thing that disappointed us was that almost everything was in Spanish.  I get that we are in Mexico, but I would imagine the museum sees quite a few foreign tourists through its doors so I found it unusual not to have things translated.  There was a video which was translated with English subtitles so that was helpful.


Museo Maya de Cancun Ruins gardens


But outside is where the good stuff is.  Walking through the gorgeous landscaped gardens you will see the El Rey ruins, including a 2.5 story Mayan pyramid.  Its no Chichen Itza but still pretty impressive.


Museo Maya de Cancun Ruins


I really enjoyed walking through the gardens, which was full of tropical foliage and a lizard or 50!  They gave me the impression they were guarding the ruins!  Everywhere you looked there was another but it added something extra to the ambiance of the surroundings… Just don’t get too close!


Museo Maya de Cancun Ruins


The entry fee to Museo Maya de Cancun is 58 pecos (cash & pecos only) which is around $5 USD, which is well worth the price!  The museums is located in the Hotel Zone and easily accessible via bus.


Have you seen any Mayan ruins?  Which ones?  If not, is it something that interests you?