Vienna is one of those cities that, when you’re walking around the streets, you feel like you’ve walked out of an 18th century history textbook. The city does have a sleek and modern vibe, but they’ve managed to balance out the old and the new perfectly, and still clung onto that aristocratic, luxurious olden-day charm that Vienna should never, ever lose.

With all that history comes numerous great museums in Vienna, which you can learn about the history of the city and people who lived there. During our recent stay at Palais Hansen Kempinski Hotel we discovered three wonderful museums which we highly recommend.  Of course there are many other wonderful museums to visit during your stay in Vienna, but these will get you started.


Must See Museums in Vienna Austria - Sigmund Freud Museum


Sigmund Freud Museum

Set in the apartment with Freud himself lived and worked, this fascinating museums is packed full of his belongings, photographs, and documents from his studies. Considering the sheer magnitude of the work that Freud carried out over his lifetime, this is a not to miss attraction in Vienna, a testament to Freud’s incredible contribution to the psychoanalysis.

As you stroll through the various rooms within the apartment, you can see original furnishings from Freud’s home, such as the chairs laid out where his waiting room was, and the pictures he hung on his walls. The museum has expanded over the years as its popularity has grown. As well as the stunning permanent exhibitions here, there is an exclusive exhibition of photos going on display from October 2013 to January 2014, including photos of Freud’s grandson that have never been showcased before.
Must See Museums in Vienna Austria - Belvedere Museum


Belvedere Museum

Located in two magnificent 18th century palaces, the setting for the Belvedere is reason alone to take a visit to this museum. The Belvedere houses artwork from across the ages, and is most noted for having the largest collection of Gustav Klimt in the world. From medieval to baroque, impressionism, expressionism, and a fantastic collection of pieces from 1945 onwards, this museum has it all. The museum is constantly putting up new temporary exhibitions, so make sure you check out the website before a visit to Vienna, just to make sure you don’t miss something you really want to see.
Must See Museums in Vienna Austria - MuseumsQuartier



We’re cheating a little bit with this one, but we admitted that this list would be difficult from the start! The MuseumsQuartier is one of the largest art and culture complexes in the world, and has numerous museums and exhibition halls within its ground. Okay, so we’re not pointing out many specifics here, but we are pointing you in the direction of where you can find plenty of different museums that you can pick and choose from.

The Leopold Museums is amongst the most famous of the quarter, and houses over 5,000 objects for you to see in Art Nouveau and Classical Modernist styles. There is also a museum that focuses on Austria’s contemporary dancers and performers, and an exhibition showcasing 21st century masterpieces. Along with all the cafes and restaurants dotted around this complex, you’ve got yourself the perfect museum space in the whole of Vienna.

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Do you have any museum recommendations in Vienna?