A small city tucked away in the Tyrol region of Austria, Innsbruck isn’t the most popular city to visit in this country. However, it’s usually the case that the most overlooked places are sometimes the most enjoyable to visit, and Innsbruck was no different. During our time at the lovely PENZ Hotel we had the opportunity to explore this gorgeous little city and absolutely loved what we found.

There are plenty of things to do in this city, but just in case museums are your thing, here’s a run-down of three must see Museums in Innsbruck Austria.


Must See Museums in Innsbruck Austria - Alpine Club Museum


Alpine Club Museum

There couldn’t be a better region of Europe for there to be a museum dedicated to mountaineering. Surrounded by the beautiful Alps, the Alpine Club Museum in Innsbruck transports you to right to the top of those peaks, and give you a history of mountaineering in the region.

The museum was bombed in the war back in 1944, but luckily most of the exhibition was saved from too much damage. The museum lay dormant until 1977, purely through lack of funding and support, when it reopened and has since slowly built itself back up and expanded in size. In 2010, the museum was nominated for a European Museum Award for excellence, proof enough that it’s worth the visit and that there is plenty on show.

If you’re a mountaineer yourself, your connection with the museum will come naturally, but even if you’re not and can simply appreciate the stamina and determination it takes to scale the world’s highest peaks, you’ll certainly enjoy the museum too.


Must See Museums in Innsbruck Austria - Museum Goldenes Dachl


Museum Goldenes Dachl

One of the most well-known landmarks in Innsbruck and a huge tourist attraction is the ‘Goldenes Dachl’, or ‘Golden Roof’. The beautiful ornate section of a building in Innsbruck’s Old Town was completed in 1500, and is today regarded as one of the most symbolic pictures of Innsbruck.

Whilst the exterior might be stunning, there are still treasures behind the Golden Roof. Inside, you’ll find a museum dedicated to the life of Emperor Maximilian I, otherwise known at the time as King of the Romans or the Holy Roman Emperor, who took power at the end of the 15th century and built the Golden Roof.

As well as showcasing his life, the museum looks into the Tyrol region, which Innsbruck is a part of, and shows you life in this region during the Middle Ages. The museum is dynamic with light and sound installations, so there is plenty enough to keep you amused.


Must See Museums in Innsbruck Austria - Zeughaus



With a fresh taste of Tyrol history still in your mind, a natural next stop on your tour of museums in Innsbruck would be Zeughaus. The word ‘zeughaus’ means ‘armoury’ in English, and this building was first built by the aforementioned Emperor Maximilian I as a military arsenal, but it is now simply just a museum. The collection here is a branch of the Tyrolean State Museum, and gives you an overview of Tyrol through the centuries, from the Middle Ages right up to present day.

The museum has plenty of new and rotating exhibitions, and if you’re here in the summer makes sure you check out their schedule for open-air events and cinema screenings in the building’s inner courtyard.


Have you been to any museums in Innsbruck; what did you think?