As part of our road trip from San Diego to Toronto we had the ever ‘exciting’ part of crossing from the west side of North America to the east side. There really isn’t an exciting place to do it. Whether your doing it all the way down in Texas, across the top half of the United States or up in Canada. After having such amazing views while driving through the National Parks in the Rockies we knew that this part of the trip was not going to be as exciting. But that’s okay. Still doesn’t mean there is nothing to do on the trip. There’s still things to see and do. So let’s spend some time on how to not get bored driving from Edmonton to Winnipeg.




It isn’t quite halfway across, but I suggest if you are electing to try and do this trip in 2 days, then this should be the place you pick for your overnighter. It’s the most populous location between Edmonton and Winnipeg, which means you will have a lot more options for hotels and restaurants. There’s also some fun things to do there. While it’s no national park like in the Rockies, the Meewasin Valley is a nice little walk along the river. The tracks will keep you busy for hours. You can also try the Beaver Creek Conservation Area, which is about 7 miles south of town.

If you are looking for more indoor activities we recommend the LB Distillers. You can do tours in this beautiful little distillery. They seem very enthusiastic about the place. And of course you can’t leave without a taste testing or 10.



Learn about Farming

This is farming country in Canada, so take the opportunity to make a stop and learn a thing or two about farming. It’s actually quite interesting. It’s amazing to see how far farming has progressed in the last century. From horse drawn equipment used in the last century to the new GPS controlled. The process has become so efficient and production is through the roof.

There are plenty of places that do tours between Edmonton and Winnipeg. You can also try out some of the museums. The one we stopped at was called Western Development Museum in Yorkton. It mainly focused on the older equipment. It made you really appreciate how hard it was back in the day.




You’ll be amazed at some of the great local art you can find out here. Almost every little town has some local artist on display. You can get some great paintings for a great price. People out here often have a lot of spare time, so painting is a common hobby to have. So before reaching a town have a search of the local galleries. Make a stop and you might find something to take home with you.



Car Games

No matter how you look at it, you’re going to be in the car for a long time. It’s still over 18 hours of driving no matter how many stops you make. Lucky you’re not the first person with nothing to do on a road trip. Lot’s of games have been invented to try and keep you from falling asleep at the wheel.

Our favorite game is the A to Z game. Basically the rules are someone comes up with a topic. Let’s say they pick Flowers. Then the other person names a flower starting with A. They have 10 seconds to come up with one. If they do it goes to the next person who has to come up with a flower name starting with B. Then the next person has to come up with a flower starting with C. And this goes on until you hit Z. If after 10 seconds a person can’t come up with a flower starting with a certain letter, then the next person goes trying for the same letter. If they get it, they get a point. You only get a point if the person can’t come up with a flower, but you can for a particular letter.

Another game is the number plate game. Using the first two letters of a number plate, you need to come up with a celebrity name. It needs to be a name everyone knows in the car. So for instance MM could be Marilyn Monroe.

There’s a couple of games you can play, but there are heaps more. Hit up google and you won’t be short of choices.


Yes, the drive isn’t that exciting, but hopefully this post helped you find a way of how to not get bored driving from Edmonton to Winnipeg. There are still lots of things to see along the way. Just sit back and enjoy it.


Do you have any tips of how to not get bored driving from Edmonton to Winnipeg?


Image credit – Saskatoon, Farming Equipment, & Road.