Oh. My. God!  Time flies when you’re having fun!

We have been on the road for a whole 12 months!  One year of full time travel! It was exactly 1 year ago today that we sold our possessions, packed our bags and left Australia for a life of travel and extraordinary experiences!

We have had an amazing 12 months so we thought we would give you a break down of where we have been and our ‘travel stats’ so far.


One year of full time travel - Michael and Nikki Photo


Twelve months in review

We started our new life with a 3 month road trip of the United States.  So awesome!  We traveled through 23 states and saw so many awesome sights!  (I will do a separate post for all that awesomeness soon!)

Instead of hiring a large RV or staying in motels along the way – which would have been the sensible thing to do right? – we thought it would be a good idea to live in the back of a small van for 3 months (obviously not this princesses idea!).  It was actually a lot more comfortable than I expected and I really didn’t hate it at all!  We had a great time, even living in such close quarters – But I wont lie; it was nice to have a little more space once we finished the road trip.


One year of full time travel - Road Trip Arizona Strip


After 3 months in the great USA we explored a little bit of Europe including: Iceland (A very colorful city but bloody cold as you would imagine!), England (loved it but again, too cold for our liking), Ireland (so beautiful and green… and rainy!), Netherlands (we only got to Amsterdam but fell in love with it immediately!), France (including a dream come true for me in Paris), Monaco (I didn’t even realize it was its own country) and Spain (which blew us away – so so beautiful!).


One year of full time travel - Amsterdam buildings on canal


After almost 3 months in Europe we went back to USA for some housesits in San Francisco, Atlantic Beach and Vero Beach (both the latter in Florida).

Late November saw us move on to our next continent; South America.  We had 4 days in Rio de Janerio (I couldn’t get the Barry Manilo song ‘Copacabana’ out of my head the whole time!) and then to the beautiful Buenos Aires in Argentina.


One year of full time travel - Colorful buildings in Buenos Aires


After 10 days in South America (not nearly enough of course but we will go back) we flew to Puerto Rico to board a 14 night Caribbean cruise.  Our first ever cruise!  It was awesome.  I don’t know why there are so many travelers our there opposed to cruising – Its fantastic!  We saw so many islands that we would have not had the opportunity to see otherwise.  Of course, I fell in love many times over – with the beaches! Again, we did and saw so much in these 14 days that Ill do a separate post for it.


One year of full time travel - Cruise Ship Adventures of the Seas Royal Caribbean


After the cruise we went back to the States (do you see a pattern emerging here? Its almost like we love the States or something!) for Christmas with my mother (who, btw came to visit us all the way from Australia – How sweet!).  We also had 3 more house sits booked in Florida (our 3rd time back to this State in 12 months – You think we like Florida??)

And that brings us to today!  Yesterday we finished our house sit and today flew in to sunny Cancun, Mexico!


One year of full time travel - Cancun Mexico Sunrise


The last 12 months have been the best of our lives!  And yes, we realize how very lucky we are be to living such an awesome life – We will never take it for granted!


Statistics for our 1st year


North America – Europe – South America


USA – Iceland – England – Netherlands – France – Monaco – Spain – Brazil Argentina – Mexico


One year of full time travel - Arc de Thiomph Paris Champs-Élysées)



Los Angeles – Las Vegas – Sedona – Albuquerque – Dallas – Shreveport New Orleans – Baton Rouge – New Orleans – Memphis – Birmingham – Panama City   Tampa – Miami – Orlando – Jacksonville – Savannah Atlanta – Charlotte   Cleveland – Chicago – Denver – Omaha – Colorado Springs – Salt Lake City – San Francisco – Sacramento – New York City

Reykjavik – London – Dublin – Amsterdam – Paris – Nice – Cannes – Monte Carlo – Barcelona – Galicia – La Coruna – Madrid – Rio de Janeiro – Buenos Aires – Puerto Rico – Cancun


One year of full time travel - Dublin Ireland Temple Bar



Puerto Rico – US Virgin Islands – St Maarten – Antigua – St Lucia   Barbados – St Thomas – St Kitts – Curacao – Aruba


One year of full time travel - Curacao Island Beach


Number of flights


Distance traveled

45,500 miles / 73, 225 km’s

Number of photos taken


Number of house sits


Favorite city

Nicole – New York
Michael – Barcelona


One year of full time travel - New York City Times Square


Favorite country

Nicole – France
Michael – USA

Favorite beach

Nicole – Curacao Island
Michael – Magens Bay St Thomas


One year of full time travel - Curacao Island Caribbean Colorful Buildings


Favorite landmark

Nicole – Eifel Tower
Michael – Gothic Quarter (Barcelona)


This year is going to be even more awesome, if that’s possible!  We have some great destinations coming up including Mexico, Costa Rica, Barbados, Toronto, NYC, Croatia, Italy, Greece, Amsterdam, London and Dublin… Just to name a few!

So we will have loads of new stories for you, travel tips, plenty of destination guides, photo essays and so much more so you can be part of our journey!  We hope you stick around for the ride!