There have been a lot of people taking about their ‘Travel Bucket List’ lately so we thought we would jump on the bandwagon and share our list with you too!

I’m not a huge fan of the term ‘bucket list’ so I’m going to call ours a ‘Life List’!  The list is in no particular order.  We have given a very short reason why its on the list.

So – drum roll please! – Without further ado, here is our Travel Life List!


1. Japan

Travel Life List (Bucket List) Japan Cherry Blossom

I am obsessed with all things Japan!


2. Santorini

Travel Life List (Bucket List) Santorini Blue Roof

It’s Santorini – Need I say more?


3. Tahiti

Travel Life List (Bucket List) Tahiti

Have you ever seen a bad photo of this island paradise?


4. Alaska

Travel Life List (Bucket List) Alaska Sunset

Glaciers, huskies and polar bears!


5. Maldives

Travel Life List (Bucket List) Maldives

Another island paradise!


6. Maui

Travel Life List (Bucket List) Maui Waterfall

Beautiful beaches and waterfalls


7. Croatia

Travel Life List (Bucket List) Croatia

One of the most beautiful coastlines I’ve seen in photos.


8. Morocco

Travel Life List (Bucket List) Morocco

Rich in color and great markets!


9. Antarctica

Penguins Antarctica

Whales and penguins!


10. Malta

Travel Life List (Bucket List) Malta

Mediterranean paradise.


11. Italy

 Cinque Terre

There are too many reasons to list!


12. Costa Rica

Costa Rica bridge

Beaches, waterfalls, monkeys and SLOTHS!


13. Dubai


The amazing architecture.


14. Madagascar


Amazing wildlife and very cool trees!


15. Egypt

Travel Life List (Bucket List) Egypt



16. Everywhere else!

Travel Life List (Bucket List) i havent been everywhere


What’s on your Life List?   Would love to hear what wonderful places you plan on visiting!