Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  Parisian architecture is at times breathtaking. Then you have the gorgeous cobblestone streets lined with cafes and boutiques.  Paris is best seen by foot, walking through this city is a wonderful way to find hidden treasures you might miss if you were on the subway or in a cab.

Be sure to include Paris at night is definitely my favorite time of day to see this city, so make sure you add it to your itinerary.  The already stunning architecture looks quite exquisite all lit up.  With over 400 photos taken in 4 days, here are some of our favorite parts of Paris.


Paris Photo Essay - Pont Alexandre III

The beautiful golden statues on the Pont Alexandre III Bridge



Paris Photo Essay - Pont Alexandre III 2

A photo taken just steps away from the last photo



Paris Photo Essay - Water Fountain

A France flag flies in the background of Fontaine des Fleuves



Paris Photo Essay - Arc de Triomphe 2

Champs-Élysées is one of the busiest streets in Paris. But if you are looking at the Arc de Triomphe, I guess waiting in traffic isn’t so bad.




Paris Photo Essay - Music

Who wouldn’t want to play some music in this place?



Paris Photo Essay - Luxemburg 2

Luxemburg Palace



Paris Photo Essay - Luxemburg

The gardens surrounding Luxemburg Palace are full of color



Paris Photo Essay - View from Eiffel Tower

The golden statues on the Pont Alexandre III Bridge stand out from the view atop the Eiffel Tower



Paris Photo Essay - Arc de Triomphe 1

Join the hundreds of others taking photos of the Arc de Triomphe



Paris Photo Essay - View from Louvre

Sunset view from the Louvre looking up Champs-Élysées. Not bad!



Paris Photo Essay - Golden Angel

Golden Angel looking to the sky



Paris Photo Essay - Louve

The Louvre – A perfect combination of history and modern art



Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge – The real show is on the inside



Nicole looking at Eiffel Tower

Nicole is living her dream




She just can’t keep her eyes off it



Grand and Petite Palace

The Grand and the Petite Palace