Michael and I have been traveling the globe non-stop for 2 years. No, we are not rich. No, we do not slum it in dirty hostels. Actually, our accommodation is usually very luxurious. So how can we afford to be ‘luxury travelers’?


House Sitting!


We take care of people’s homes while they are away, and in exchange, we live there completely rent free. I know it sounds too good to be true but I promise you its not.


HA REAL way to Travel with FREE Luxury Accommodation


While house sitting itself has been around for many many years, it has become more of a phenomenon with long term travelers in the last few of years. There are hundreds of full time travelers, just like us, who use house sitting to keep their travels cost low so they can afford to live the life of their dreams.

Our first house sitting gig was in 1999 when we were building our first home together. We didn’t want to pay rent and a mortgage so we spent 6 months house sitting to cut our costs down. In 2012 when we started on our perpetual travels, we knew that house sitting would become a big part of our lives in order to keep our travel costs down.

With 15 years of house sitting experience under our belt, including more than 30 sits, we knew we had all sorts of information we could share with others who also dreamed of a life of travel.


A REAL way to Travel with FREE Luxury Accommodation


We want to show people that living your dream life is possible. We are living proof of that. A life of travel is a lot more affordable than you think – In fact, it’s a lot cheaper to live this lifestyle than a ‘conventional’ life. Can you imagine the money you could save if you didn’t have to pay rent or a mortgage, or if you didn’t have utility bills and car payments?

The most expensive part of travel is usually the accommodation costs. And here we are telling you there is a REAL way to eradicate that! We have saved around $50,000 in accommodation costs since March 2012. That’s HUGE! There is no reason why you can’t do the same.


We have complied 15 years of experience into a book. House Sitting | A Travelers Guide will explain exactly how to become a sitter and how to travel the world on the cheap.


A REAL way to Travel with FREE Luxury Accommodation


Anyone can do want we do. We are not ‘special’; we are just like you. We had a dream and we made it happen.


There is a whole world out there waiting for you to discover it – What’s stopping you?


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