As one of the most happening cities in Switzerland, one can imagine that Zurich has plenty of great spots for food. This city has a lot to offer in terms of its cuisine, and simply having a wander round will take you to some quality restaurants and cafes. However, if you want a nudge in the right direction, here’s our rundown on the best restaurants in Zurich.


Restaurants in Zurich - Bar Si o No



Nothing quite like a great brunch to cure the demons from the night before, and there are quite a few places in Zurich that pride themselves on providing just that. Bar Si o No is a favorite amongst locals and tourists, and they’re famous for their Saturday and Sunday brunches. What really makes Bar Si o No special is the combination of great food and chic décor, with modern furniture and beautiful, traditional tiled floors.

You’ll find Mexican-style food served here, which might be a nice break from the bread and cheese you’ve no doubt been eating every morning for breakfast in your hotel. If you’re looking for a hearty meal that will kick start your day, Bar Si o No is definitely the place to go.


Restaurants in Zurich - Blindekuh



If you’re looking for a completely different experience for lunch in Zurich, why not dine in the dark at Blindekuh. This concept has been copied the world over, but Blindekuh claim to be the very first restaurant in the world to give people the experience of dining like the blind or partially sighted – in complete darkness.

It might sound a little crazy, but the eating experience is supposedly enhanced as you dine in pitch black surroundings, even though logistically it’s hard to imagine (how are you supposed to pick up your food if you can’t see it?!). We recommend this experience for lunch as the evening dinner slots are usually booked up months in advance, but you can usually make a lunch time reservation. The menu changes weekly, and they use fresh, local produce to create the finest dishes. Dining here would definitely be a good story to take home with you.


Restaurants in Zurich - Mövenpick Hotel Zürich-Regensdorf - Restaurant



Ciao Garden restaurant, found inside the Mövenpick Hotel Zürich-Regensdorf, is a beautiful little Italian oasis in Zurich that we can’t recommend enough for dinner. The fresh and modern décor creates a lively yet relaxing atmosphere, made even more beautiful in the Atrium section of the restaurant, a summer favorite for customers.

At Ciao Garden you can choose from an array of unique combinations of Italian cuisine, made to the highest standard and from quality ingredients.  Ciao Garden is the perfect way to treat yourself to a luxurious dinner in Zurich.


Restaurants in Zurich - Café Caredda



You won’t find it too hard fining a great place for some sweet treats in Zurich, as Switzerland is the home to some of the best chocolate on the planet. If tucking into some Lindt chocolate won’t satisfy your sweet tooth, head over to Café Caredda, a spot that specializes in great coffee and desserts. Here you’ll find a huge selection of cakes and pastries to delight your senses. Warning: this place is not for in indecisive – there are so many delicious things to choose from that you might be here for some time!


Do you have any other suggestions for Restaurants in Zurich?