Romance, intrigue, serenity… All of these things describe Puerto Vallarta. They have made this Mexican coastline famous and for good reason. The beautiful beaches and lush hillsides that gently roll along the coast offer some of the best views imaginable. The nightlife and cuisine are amazing, and if you really want to up the anti for an amazing experience, you must book your stay at Casa Aventura. The property features six bedrooms, 7 1/2 bathrooms, and staff that are very attentive making sure your stay is pleasant and amazing.


Villa from apartment


This villa is unique among the many we’ve stayed in. The architecture, decor, artwork and design are a spectacular blend of hacienda, villa, mansion and castle all tastefully worked into a magnificent property where you would be challenged to feel like anything less than royalty.




Casa Aventura is presented as a place where old world style meets modern amenities and in this way, it does not disappoint. Each room left us feeling truly a world away – from Spanish colonial style in the room known as ‘Estrella’s de Oro’ (stars of gold) to nighttime views of fireflies and fireworks in the most private room in the house creatively known as ‘Fuegos de Noche’ (Fires of the Night).




A stay here allows you to have your own unique experience in your own room while enjoying a group experience by sharing moments throughout the whole house. It seemed everywhere we turned we were impressed by yet another unique space and detail.




Traveler’s Tip: If you would like a suggestion on which room to stay in, message the staff ahead of time with your travel group specifics.  They will be happy to give you guidance based on the information you give them.




Spa Services

Had a rough day relaxing? Well take it to the next level with a visit to the spa. Try their famous couples massage or get a unique facial. They have a menu that is sure to please with an array of services that will have you craving more!



Get in touch with your inner self with one of the hotel’s private yoga sessions. Your very own Yogi will help guide you towards a centered more balanced life.





This on-site jetted tub is large enough to hold 12 people. You can find it on the private terrace just below the rest of the establishment. This space is gorgeous and perfect for relaxing both day and night.



The Banderas Bay is your backdrop while you lounge around the pool at Casa Aventura. Did we mention that the pool is heated? Yes, that’s just one of the neat little features. There is also a nice rock waterfall that sets the tone for relaxation as well. Order some service poolside or turn on your tunes and work on your tan. Either way, you will command the afternoon lounging at the pool.





This can be quite helpful. If you have ever been in a location that is somewhat exotic, you know full well the value of the concierge. Casa Aventura has one of the best. Get recommendations for zip lining, snorkeling, vibrant day trips, or shopping. You can even get a few recommendations on great local golf courses or whale watching. The list is vast and diverse; nothing is too hard for the concierge!




Finally, we need to mention that the chef who is responsible for preparing your meals has been with the hotel for a decade. Rosa can prepare your favorite dish, however, you might want her to prepare a little something of her own. Fresh fish arrives daily from the local fishing boats, and Rosa is known for creating some of the most amazing local Mexican dishes you have ever had. Ask her what she recommends and let her surprise your pallet!




There is simply no place like Casa Aventura. From the rooms with their spectacular views, the wonderful staff, and an area that is full of some of the most amazing activities, you will certainly enjoy your time in Puerto Vallarta. You will enjoy it more if you choose Casa Aventura as your place to stay.



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