Rotterdam was the last stop on our Belgium and Netherlands tour.  These two countries really are a beautiful part of the world and for such a small area we managed photo posts for The Hague, Amsterdam (twice!) and Bruges.  It’s easy to take photos of such lovely cities.

Rotterdam had a completely different feel than all the other places we had visited in the Netherlands.  It felt far more modern with as many skyscrapers as historical buildings.  This is because Rotterdam was heavily bombed in the second World War and large areas of the town were destroyed.  Rather than rebuild the town as it was they decided to make it more modern and as a result Rotterdam is an incredible blend of the old and the new.

During our four days in Rotterdam we stayed at the wonderful The Manhattan Hotel. The location was perfect and allowed us to walk around the city on foot.  Of course, this is the best way to experience a new city and to ensure you do not miss any good photo opportunities.  If you take the subway or buses you miss so much along the way.  Rotterdam is a beautiful city to wander around, and lucky for us, we had beautiful blue skies the whole time!

We hope you enjoy our Rotterdam Photo Essay.



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Have you been to Rotterdam? Have we missed any picturesque locations?