Santorini is one of those locations that you build up in your mind as being nothing short of spectacular.  You know, you have seen the incredible photos of those blue roofs scattered amongst the white houses, with a ocean backdrop.  You have heard people rave about how it looks in real life, and you just want to drop everything and go there.  Well we jumped on a cruise on the Royal Caribbean’s Splendor of the Seas, which included a stop in Santorini.

Well prepare to have your dreams shattered… It’s even better than your dreams!  I always worry when I have something built up in my mind there is a chance that it won’t reach the lofty goals I’ve set it.  You know that feeling when you go somewhere expecting the world and afterwards you go “Yeah, that was pretty good, but not mind blowing”.  It happens a fair bit.  I remember that feeling when in Rio de Janeiro.  Yeah it was ok, but I was expecting so much!

Don’t worry about that here!  You will be wowed!  Taking a good photo in Santorini is easier than anywhere else we have been.  Basically point the camera in any direction and take a photo.  How’s easy that.  The hard part is making a Santorini Photo Essay.  Which photos do we choose!  Normally when we take photos before we upload them, we delete about half as there are photos we have of better quality.  Well for Santorini we struggled to delete one!

So after much soul searching we cut our Santorini Photo Essay down to 12 photos.  Enjoy!


Santorini Photo Essay - 8



Santorini Photo Essay - 9



Santorini Photo Essay - 10



Santorini Photo Essay - 11



Santorini Photo Essay - 12



Santorini Photo Essay - 1



Santorini Photo Essay - 2



Santorini Photo Essay - 3



Santorini Photo Essay - 4



Santorini Photo Essay - 5



Santorini Photo Essay - 6



Santorini Photo Essay - 7