London is an international capital of the world. It is a cultural center filled with centuries upon centuries of history. London is a lively city with pubs, shops, museums, and historical landmarks. A trip to London means a trip to the location of one of the largest monarchs to ever reign. London is a spectacular city and there is so much for you to see and do while in London, that it can seem nearly impossible to get it all done. Three days in this huge city is a short visit to take in all of the history, but with the right London accommodations and this travel itinerary, it’s possible to see all of it:


london tower


Day One

When you arrive in London, you will more than likely be flying into the London City Airport. This will put you out right in the middle of London. As you fly in, you should be able to see all of the beautiful sights that are iconic to London including the River Thames and the London Eye. Take this time to soak up the city you are entering and go over your itinerary in your head. Hopefully, you will be able to see all of the places you will be visiting while on your short trip to London!

Your first stop in London should be to the Tower of London. The Tower of London is a famous historic location. It is known for its history of storing and protecting the crown jewels. The Tower of London was founded in 1066 and has been sieged and had wars fought at its doors numerous times. It sits overlooking the north bank of the River Thames and gives you a nice view of the city. While there, you should take a trip across the London Tower Bridge which is right next door to the Tower of London. This is the bridge that inspired the children’s song. It crosses the River Thames. There is also a deck way above the bridge for pedestrians to walk across and view the city. From here, the view of London is absolutely stunning, especially at night. As the city lights light up the night sky, you can try and scout out all of the locations on your next day’s itinerary.


Top Things to do in London - Big Ben


Day Two

Today is the day to hit up all of the historic buildings of London! Start your day by going to Westminster Abbey. Westminster Abbey came into being when King Edward the confessor began rebuilding St. Peter’s Abbey between 1042 and 1052. This large cathedral is built using iconic gothic architecture. It is a beautiful church and home to all of the Royal Weddings.

Next, travel over to Buckingham Palace, home to the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II. The location the palace sits on now has been around since the early 1500’s. The site has seen many uses including royal housing and hospitals, but became the palace it is known as today in the 1700’s. At Buckingham Palace, you can admire the beautiful architecture and grounds, as well as witness the Queen’s Guard’s standing outside the gate or going about their daily duties. Maybe you can even get one to crack a smile.

Next on today’s itinerary is Big Ben, the clock tower that stands guard over the city of London. Built in 1859, Big Ben holds the second largest four-faced chiming clock in the world. It is an iconic part of London’s skyline and is not to be missed as you see all of the historic locations.

Lastly, a trip up and around the London Eye is in order. The London Eye was opened in 2 and has gone through a few changes and updates since then. It sits on the south bank of the River Thames and it 443 feet tall and has a diameter of 394 feet. From the London Eye, you can get one of the tallest views over London. You can take the journey up the London Eye during the day or night, where you can see the beautiful city lights again.

A View From the Top on The London Eye - Wheel


Day Three

For your last day in London, you should visit the Globe Theatre. The Globe Theatre is most famous for being the theatre where Shakespeare performed and debuted his new work. Known as Shakespeare’s Globe, it was built in 1599 by Lord Chamberlain’s Men, Shakespeare’s playing company. After being destroyed by a fire in 1613, it was rebuilt and reopened in 1614. Today, the reconstruction of the Globe sits in Southwark London and plays are still produced on its stage. Shakespeare’s plays, naturally. Also if you are looking for something a little different, maybe try out the Seven Dials District.


After you leave the Globe, you should go back and do anything you feel like you missed. London is a large, international city with a long, long history. It is easy to feel like you left something out on your short 3-day stay. Take some time to think about anything you wish you would have seen or did more of and then go do it! London is truly a magnificent city worth another visit sometime in the future.


Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Marriott International

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