Shopping in Cancun is great! It’s a shame I don’t actually ‘shop’ – It’s very hard to buy things when everything you own in this world is stored in a small backpack that you carry around the globe (Well, okay, Michael carries it most of the time, but you get my point!)

The best thing about shopping here is there is something for every budget. If you like to barter for a good price, there are markets to do just that. If you like to get your flashy on with Louis V and Prada then you are sorted too.  Me, I am an in between gal. I can’t afford love from Louis Vuitton (even through the window!) and I’m not keen on bartering. But I too found some great places to (window) shop.

Here are some of my top picks for shopping in Cancun


La Isla Plaza

La Isla is an outside mall and a really lovely set up to take a leisurely stroll. The first thing you will notice is all the American chains. It isn’t the place for authentic Mexican shopping and is definitely aimed at the tourists. I did feel a little like I was still in Florida but I don’t mind familiarity. One of the things I love about it here is you are not accosted by vendors.

It’s on the water front and they have some great Mexican eateries over looking the water. The food, service and prices were all good.  If you prefer to stick to restaurants you are familiar with, there is a Starbucks, Johnny Rockets and Chilis here too.

There is a mix of higher end brands, average range stores and great souvenir shops – So something for everyone.  And for families (or big kids like ourselves) there is a really good Aquarium to visit. Here you will find dolphins, a shark tank that you can immerse yourself into via a cage, turtles, awesome looking jellyfish and many tropical fish tanks. It will cost you around $10 USD per person, which we felt was a good price for the amount of things to see.

Overall, La Isla was my favorite shopping destination in Cancun.


Shopping in Cancun - Cancun Shopping La Isla


Luxury Avenue

This is the place you go if you have money to burn! Here you will find high end brands like Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Montblanc, Fendi.. You get the picture! This is shopping in Cancun in style!  It’s a beautiful place even just for a stroll to get out of the heat of the sun. And there is a great café where you can rest your tired Jimmy Choo’d feet and look at all the goodies you just purchased! Or, like me, you can enjoy a piece of chocolate cake because after walking around a shop like this and not buy anything, you deserve a reward!


Shopping in Cancun - Cancun Shopping Luxury Avenue


Flea Market Coral Negro

I would have enjoyed strolling around these markets had it not been for the over the top venders trying to get you into their stores. It annoyed the shit out of me to no end! Such a shame really because there were some really great shops here. So if you can handle this kind of thing better than me you should definitely take a look. They have a lot of cheaper souvenirs and locally made items such as clothing and home wares.

You need to know how to barter here though. The one place I did stop into to, gave me a price 3 times higher than what I just paid for the exact same item elsewhere! They see tourists and try to take advantage so stay sharp and you might end up with a great deal.


Shopping in Cancun - Cancun Shopping Flea Market



Yes, you read it right – There is even a Walmart in Cancun! But before you skim over this section hear me out…

So as well as the usual Walmarty stuff you find in every Walmart (for no US readers, Walmart is a massive department/grocery store which sells everything including the kitchen skin!)… You will also find the most awesome bakery this side of Paris!  You grab a tray and tongs and you walk around several isles piling your tray high with pastry delights! I have never seen such an amazing selections of breads, pastries, cakes and so many other sweet treats! I was in heaven!

Besides the great bakery there are other reasons to shop at Walmart – It’s cheap, they have literally everything you might need and its conveniently located in downtown right next to the bus stop!  So don’t dis it until you try it!


Shopping in Cancun - Cancun Shopping Walmart


What was your favorite place for Shopping in Cancun?