We talk about house sitting a lot on this blog and on our Facebook Page. If you have been following our journey you will know we housesit as a way of traveling the world.

And because of that, we get asked house sitting questions on a daily basis from our readers. We absolutely love getting your questions and helping you break into house sitting!

We have been house sitting on and off for 13 years and full time for 13 months, so yes, we know our way around this house sitting world very well by now!

But you know what’s even better than having 1 expert help you with your questions? Having SIX experts help you with your questions!

We thought it would be a great idea to get a different perspective on the topic.  So we got together some of our house sitting friends to answer your questions.


Six Experts Answer Your House Sitting Questions - House Sitting


I am 22 years old and have very little house sitting experience. Do you think I would be able to get house sits internationally?
Answered by Wanderlusters

With a comprehensive profile and a good range of character/employment/landlord references there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be successful in your application to house sit abroad. If you’re a little overwhelmed by the idea of house sitting abroad it’s a great idea to start out close to home. Inquire with friends and relatives to see if they need a house sitter for a weekend or overnight trip. Advertise your house sitting services on local notice boards and tell those you’re close to that house sitting is something you’re interested in. It’s amazing how many opportunities come from word of mouth advertising.

With experience comes the confidence to apply for more adventurous assignments. As a sitter it’s vital that you consider a whole range of factors when applying for foreign house sits. We’ve actually written a step by step guide of factors to take into consideration before applying to house sit abroad so check it out for tips on logistics, finance and visas.


Six Experts Answer Your House Sitting Questions - House Sitting


I travel with my small dog. Would there be any house sits I could apply for with my dog?
Answered by Your Escape Blueprint

That is totally up to the home owner; however in our opinion, housesitting with a small dog can decrease the chances of landing a housesitting assignment.

Put yourself in the position of the homeowner –

The primary reason for homeowners wanting housesitters is to look after their pets, bringing a new animal into the equation is cause for concern.

Even if the housesit does not include looking after pets, having somebody else’s pet in their home could cause distress for the homeowner.

Your prospective clients want a way to alleviate their concerns about leaving their home and pet in someone else’s care. House sitters who provide the solution to those anxieties are going to get the assignments. Those who raise concerns may have a lesser chance.

There is a lot of competition for housesitting assignments. Our clients received anywhere from 17 to 40 applications. With this many applicants for a housesitting position the homeowner can afford to be very choosy.


House Sitting


I hear about a lot of couples that house sit but can solo travelers house sit too?
Answered by Tina Klein

Yes, solo travelers house sit too. I often see listings for single only and sometimes for female only. It depends on if the homeowner has other roommates in the same house or it could be because they only have a twin bed set up for the house sitter.

If the house sitting assignment appeals to you and you don’t see it advertised as “couple and singles” welcome– Send them an email, It doesn’t hurt to ask.


Six Experts Answer Your House Sitting Questions


I’ve seen there are a lot of sites a house sitter can register with. Which ones are the best?
Answered by Will Work 4 Travel

We found there are two main types of house sitting sites. Global and Country specific. For global house sits, we often use both House Carers and Trusted House Sitters They both provide probably the largest inventory of available homes world-wide we have seen. We have had some success with a country specific site when we were in New Zealand called Kiwi Housesitters.

What we found interesting about this site is that although they did not have as many listings on their sites, many more potential homeowners seem to use the site to find a house sitter before they even post their advertisement. Shortly after we put up our profile, we were actually contacted several times by homeowners. So if you know you want to focus on a specific country, this might be the way to go.


Six Experts Answer Your House Sitting Questions


How much does it cost to house sit? Do you pay rent or utilities? Are there any other costs involved?
Answered by Our Favorite Adventure

House sitting is free! There may be some circumstances where homeowners request that you pay utilities (gas, internet, etc) while you are in the home, but it is best to clarify what is expected of you financially before accepting an assignment. Like everything with house sitting, it is always better to ask than assume!

We don’t typically look for assignments where they require the sitters to pay bills. So far our only financial responsibilities while house sitting have been feeding ourselves and putting gas in the cars the homeowners let us use!!


Six Experts Answer Your House Sitting Questions


Is living in someone else’s home safe? What if they have nasty neighbors?
Answered by GlobetrotterGirls

Answering this question from our own experience, yes, it is safe to live in someone else’s home. Part of your main task while housesitting is keeping the house safe, of course, so having a safe home is partially up to you. There is an inherent risk in that the homeowners have keys, too. If there were anything malicious intended, they would be able to get in of course.

However, you should have skyped, emailed and spoken with the homeowners enough to get a feeling for them before they leave you alone in the home. An important question to ask is who else has keys to the home. Many people give spare keys to the neighbors, family or friends, so knowing which people have access is key. Normally homeowners will say that so and so has a key, but that they have been told to give the housesitters fair warning before ever dropping by.

If there are ‘nasty neighbors’ it is in everyone’s best interest for the homeowners to discuss this with you before they leave. We always request to either meet or be given contact info for the neighbors when housesitting in homes (different with apartments/condos), so any issues should come up then, and housesitters should be given answers to ‘what if’ scenarios. We have never come across any nasty neighbors, however, and have even forged some good friendships with some of them!


This is a multi part series.  If your house sitting question has not been answered here it will be in one of the following parts (here are Part 2 and Part 3).

If you have any house sitting questions you would like answered by our experts please send them to info@suitcasestories.com  Thank you 🙂


A big thank you to all of our experts!