Following on from Part 1 and Part 2 of the ‘Six Experts Answer You House Sitting Questions’ series, we present to you Part 3.  This series has been created to help you get your questions answered by the people you know best.  The experts!  Have a read and learn more about how to get that house sit you always wanted and how to do a great job once you get it.


Please note: There are only five questions in this weeks Q&A.


Do you have any restrictions or is it like living in your own home?
Answered by Wanderlusters

Again each assignment is unique. We’ve always found our assignments to be like a ‘home away from home’, the owners are warm and friendly and want you to enjoy your time living at their address. While it’s good to be relaxed and comfortable keep in mind that you are in someone else’s home and should therefore treat all their belongings with respect and honour any agreements made.

Over the past two years we’ve looked after thirteen incredible homes in six different countries and have found the experience has enabled us to better immerse ourselves in the communities in which we house sit. As a traveller it is all too easy to just skim the surface of a location where as with house sitting you can’t help but become involved in local life.


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Which countries have the most house sits? Where is it most common?
Answered by Your Escape Blueprint

Housesitting is most popular in the following countries:

  • United Kingdom & Europe
  • Australia & New Zealand
  • United States & Canada

Sits can occasionally be found in Central America and the Caribbean.

The trend does not appear to have caught on yet in Asia, South America or Africa.

One also needs to consider the time of year as well. In Europe there is typically a plethora of housesits in July and August when the majority of Europeans go on their vacations.

Summer is also a popular time for sits in Central America, as many owners leave the heat and humidity to visit their families.

House sitting continues to be a growing trend and as expat communities grow worldwide, so will the opportunities available.


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What happens if a pet dies while its in the house sitters care?
Answered by Tina Klein

I cover that aspect of pet sitting with the homeowner. Make sure you have their Vet’s name and the address of the Office. For instance they may not have cell service or access to email and if you talk about how they would want to be contacted in case of emergency or death of their pet, then both you and the homeowner have a plan of action.


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Do you recommend using a contract for house sitting? What are the benefits of doing so?
Answered by Will Work For Travel

We have been house sitting for almost a year now and have not used a contract yet.  Most of the contracts we have seen seem to be more for the homeowners peace of mind than anything else.  However, if a homeowner felt strongly about using a contract, we would certainly consider doing so and paying close attention to the details within.  The whole relationship between us as house sitters and the homeowner really is about trust.  We build that trust through our profile, our pre house sit contacts, and our references from past house sits.

We did hear of a recent house sit experience where the homeowner did explain to the sitter the home was for sale.  They did come up with a mutually agreed upon contract defining what would happen should the home sell while the house sitter was occupying it.  That was a great idea because it provide accommodation to the house sitter in the event of a sale.  Special situations like this might benefit having a contract signed by both parties.  Most of the house sitting sites have sample contracts that you can look at should you decide you would like to use one.


House Sitting Questions - House Sitting


Do you get paid to house sit?
Answered by Our Favorite Adventure

Nope. We have heard of some people charging a fee for house sitting services, but we believe that free accommodations in exchange for caring for a home and pets is more than fair!


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