Southeast Asia is one of the most enchanted regions on the planet, as it is dotted with historic temples, stunning beaches, and lush green jungles. It is indeed going to be a fascinating trip to Southeast Asia, especially if this is your first trip in the region. Bali is usually the entry point for many people into South-East Asia as the culturally rich part of Southeast Asia is world famous for its beautiful beaches. Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam are world famous for their picturesque locations and scenic views. As a first timer in the region, get the most out of your vacation from your South-East Asian experience. It is hard to resist the crazy and traditional atmosphere of the counties of South-East Asia as one finds both chaos and peace at the same time.



If this is your first trip to South-East Asia, you are probably wondering and confused over certain aspects. Well, read on to clear all your doubts

  • Don’t be afraid about the stories of dubious goings-on in South-East Asia or the military juntas in Myanmar or the landmines in Cambodia. South-East Asia is a very safe touristic region just like any other. Most of the locations are incredibly safe and friendly, and the people are warm and welcoming.
  • With so many countries and locations, you are probably wondering where to go. It can be a tough decision if you have to choose between island-hopping in Halong Bay or to relax on a beach in Thailand. Wherever you go, just ensure that your top priority should be to see the big attractions on a reasonable budget.
  • South-East Asia is all about new experiences so get ready to travel on extensive networks of buses and trains. There is no need to book in advance, but one should be well prepared for long journeys on the road on cramped seats. You can try out different transports such as a motorbike, tuk-tuk the longboats on lakes and even sit on the back of an elephant or the roof of a bus.



  • There is no need to pack fancy clothing and just pack light can carry comfortable clothes and walking shoes. Weather can be warm and sweaty all year-round. Be comfortable and cool as well as modest in your dressing style. Respect the locals and their customs.
  • Book your hotels and hostels in advance, and the costs can vary depending on your location and the budget. Don’t be at the mercy of the touts and ensure that you have a good room booked for you when you arrive. Janda Baik hotels make for a good choice when looking for excellent facilities at reasonable costs.
  • While you can head for the major city attractions, it is a good idea to explore the countryside as well. The real beauty of South-East Asia lies in the rural countryside, the vast stretches of rice paddies and those soaring limestone cliffs.



  • You can bargain for just about anything and thus do not be afraid to haggle whenever and wherever you can. It could be food and shopping at local vendors or the malls. So, don’t be afraid to ask for a lower price when you shop.
  • SE Asian countries are well known for creating mini-tourism hubs, and one will often find a range of inexpensive hotels or hostels nearby with vendors and bars. Everything you need is just at a short distance away from so that you don’t leave. It is a good idea to explore fifty4Ferns that boast of a range of luxurious chalets that cater to tourists from all walks of life. Enjoy great locations along with modern and contemporary amenities.
  • Look for great deals for the major tourist destinations. You are sure to come across tour pamphlets with great anywhere you go. So save on those boat rides to day trips.