Trekking has become more and more popular with vacationers. Something about the freedom of seeing a country by foot with nothing more than the fresh air in your lungs tying you down can draw thousands of people to the best trekking vacation destinations. Even though trekking is on foot and through rough patches of land, people are not athletically or adventurously inclined can enjoy a trekking trips as long as they choose the right travel destination. Trekking can take you around the world and is a great way to discover new countries and stay fit. When planning your next trek, here are some of the best trekking vacation destinations that you should seriously consider:


The Best Trekking Vacation Destinations - The Inca Trail


The Inca Trail

This South American trail takes you on a winding adventure back through time. The end point on the Inca Trail is the historic Machu Picchu. The beautiful remains of this ancient city at the top of a mountain are not the only views on this journey. Over the 26 mile (43 kilometer) trail, you will travel through mountains, forests, and jungles. Ruins, tunnels, and artifacts left by the Incans can be found around every bend, allowing you to take a glimpse into history on your trek. The Inca Trail trek can last anywhere from 4-5 days and takes you through most of the major Incan ruins.


The Best Trekking Vacation Destinations - West Highland Way


West Highland Way

Located along the green Scottish highlands, the West Highland Way offer picture perfect views of the Scottish countryside. It will take several days to trek across the entire West Highland Way trail which spans 96 miles (154.5 kilometers). The trail aims from south to north with the easier parts of the trail in the south. The part of the trail is best described as preparing you for the northern half. The trail follows many historic paths across Scotland that was used as military and driver trails in ancient times. Weather in Scotland can be rather unpredictable. Temperatures flux and rain is scattered, so pack accordingly.


The Best Trekking Vacation Destinations - Sentiero Azzurro


Sentiero Azzurro

Also called “The Blue Trail”, Sentiero Azzurro offers breathtaking views in every direction. Sentiero Azzurro connects 5 coastal villages in Cinque Terre, Italy. The trail is 12 kilometers long and only takes one day to complete and is easy enough for the whole family to enjoy. The sparkling blue coast can be seen along the whole trail, making many trekkers awe struck. Along with views of the coast, you will also see picturesque vineyards and villages straight out of a magazine.


The Best Trekking Vacation Destinations - The Snowman Trek


The Snowman Trek

This trek is not for beginners. Located on the Tibet-Bhutan border, deep within the Himalayan Mountains, the Snowman Trek requires a good set of lungs. This trek is at a high altitude and spans 11 passes and over 14,000 feet. Throughout the mountains, gorgeous views of Buddhist monasteries and remote villages can be seen on precipices and overhanging cliffs. This trek takes an outstanding 25 days to complete, but trekkers find the experience well worth the time. October is the best time to conquer the Snowman Trek. Many trekkers find Bhutan weather to be in optimal condition during this month.


Trekking vacations are a wonderful way to see amazing views of foreign countryside you might not see otherwise. It is a worthwhile option for many people seeking for a new, fun way to visit a new county.


Photo sources – The Inca Trail, West Highland Way, Sentiero Azzurro & The Snowman Trek.

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