The city of Rome is rated as Italy’s most favorite treasure. It’s home to many sites that are laden with historical architecture and significance. They are some of the most beautifully constructed buildings on earth. It has some of the most amazing shopping and, of course, some of the best restaurants we have ever visited. Rome has a lot to offer and while it is impossible to cover in only three days, you can see most of the highlights. These are our top picks for three days In Rome, Italy. Enjoy…


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Day 1: Rome’s Historic Churches

Home of the Roman Catholic religion, Rome has some of the most breathtaking and awe inspiring cathedrals, as well as other non-catholic places of worship as well. You can easily spend a full day touring these spots and will not be sorry that you did. We suggest starting at St. Peter’s Basilica, which is unrivaled, and is Italy’s largest and most spectacular church by far. Rife with historical significance, it was one of our favorite stops. We recommend the hour and 15 minute walking tour that was comprehensive and informative.

Your next two stops should be Basilica di Santa Maria and Basilica San Giovanni. Both of them are equally beautiful and extremely ornate. Cap off your historical church tour by visiting the Pantheon, which used to be a temple and is now a church. It dates back to 120 A.D. and has fascinating history involving mythical Greek gods. After working up an appetite grab a bite to eat at Café Necci which is quite an iconic little spot. It will allow you ample time to wind down and relax.


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Day 2: Shopping

The way we see it, you can’t have a great vacation without a little shopping and Rome has much to offer. There are privately owned workshops that have significant historic value and operate much the same as they did hundreds of years ago. There are delightful chocolate shops were you can indulge your sweet tooth, namely Touchez, Confetteria, Moriondo, and Gariglio. I am not saying you should visit all of them as you might not make it home! They catered to royalty back in the day and were so adored that sonnets were written in their honor.

If you’re looking for textiles search out Bassetti Tessuti in the Mill Palazzo. If you are searching for something a little more high-end, visit the famous red carpet designer Valentinom who is located just a short walk away. For the elite man in your life stop by Società Anbigliamento Rappresentanze Tessuti off the courtyard of the Grandpa Palazzo. It offers up the finest Italian materials and textiles for clothing to deck out your man to the nines.

After a day of shopping why not take in a food walking tour. It lasts about 4 hours and is led by a guide who is well-versed in Italian fare. You will get to sample some of Rome’s finest food and drink in a way that you have never experienced.


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Day 3: Roman Ruins

You cannot visit Rome without taking a day to visit the amazing ruins that are dotted around this beautiful city. Start your day off with a trip through the Imperial Forums which were home to some of Rome’s most famous leaders such as Nerva Augustus, and the famous Caesar. Also visit the bath complex while you are there. It is the largest third century bath complex in Europe. It was used during a time when running water was not available in the city, so the public gathered in this large complex to bathe communally. Rome had the water piped in via aqueducts. Pretty clever!

You can take in a little Jewish history by going through the Jewish ghetto which is a little-known pass through between the various ruins of Rome. There, you’ll find the Theater of Marsellus where archaeologists have unearthed some amazing finds of great historical significance. Finish off your trip by visiting one of Rome’s most well recognized ruins in the world, the Colosseum. Take the ancient Colosseum tour at night if you want a different experience of the famous site. There is a more haunting feel to the area and night, especially while visiting the underground tunnels that run beneath the behemoth structure. The best part is you avoid the daytime tourist crowds. We highly recommend this tour as opposed to the more popular daytime tour.


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With so much more to offer, a trip to Rome is great whether you find yourself staying a month, a week, or just three days. You are sure to find plenty to do including shopping , museums, and historical churches. Don’t be surprised if you are swept away in the romance and grandeur of Italy’s capital city. You will feel as if you have stepped back into another era, but at the same time, enjoy all the modern conveniences that everyone loves on vacation.


Do you have anything to add to the Three Days In Rome, Italy itinerary?