Before I became a full time traveler I had read hundreds of travel blogs, Facebook pages, Twitters feeds and various other travel related media. It’s how I spent my days; dreaming of a life I desperately wanted to life. Blogs connected me to that dream so I read more than I care to admit – I may have been, and still am a little, obsessed with travel blogs!

I loved reading their stories and most of the time I would nod in agreement. Or if it was about something I had yet experienced or about a place I hadn’t been, I valued their opinion because in my eyes they were (and still are) the experts of travel!


Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship from our Caribbean cruise in December


But there was one topic I never could quite understand or agree with; the negative posts about cruises. I read quite a few of them before I took my first cruise. However, I had always dreamed of taking a cruise. To me it seemed like a luxurious way to travel and I’m not afraid to admit I like a little bit of luxury now and then. So I wasn’t going to let a few negative posts of the subject sway me from something I’ve wanted to do for many years! And I am so glad I didn’t!

In various posts I came across, cruising was branded as ‘not a real way to travel’. They dissed cruising because it’s luxurious. They feel island hoping isn’t real travel. And because you don’t spend more than 8 hours in one place, you don’t get to know it properly. And to some extent I would agree with that last point. But that’s the only thing I agree with here.


Cruise Travel - Curacao Island

A long time dream come true when I got to visit Curacao Island, one of our ports


We took our first cruise in December; A 2 week cruise of the Caribbean islands. It has been one of our highlights of 12 months of travel so far. We loved it so much we booked another for September this year and plan on taking 1 cruise per year while we are traveling.

And now, since taking a cruise, I’m not sure I understand what’s to hate!

Isn’t a ship just another way, like a plane or train, to get from city to city or country to country? Albeit a more luxurious way, but who doesn’t want a bit of luxury from time to time on their travels?

A ship is your hotel, transportation and meals all in one – What’s not to love??


Cruise Travel - Cruise Ship

Our cruise ship docked at Curacao Island


Cruising is a magnificent way to travel and see many places in a short period of time. And yes, you only get to see these places for 8 hours but it’s enough time to know whether or not you would want to go back and explore it some more! Because of the cruise we took, we knew we wanted to go back to Barbados and now we have a 2 month stay there courtesy of a house sitting gig. We wouldn’t have known how lovely it is there and wouldn’t have gone out of our way to house sit there if it wasn’t for the cruise!

Yes, cruising is a luxury form of travel but it is still travel nevertheless. Does it matter HOW we see the world as long as we are?


Cruise Travel

Megans Bay – St Thomas Island


I have fallen in love with cruise travel. I love that everything you could need is in the one place. You can have a lovely spa treatment, work off all the food you eat at the gym, drink yummy frozen cocktails at one of the numerous bars, eat at any of the many restaurants all included in the cost, play sports such as basketball or skating or even rock climbing, see a move in theater including one pool side, take a dip in one of the many pools or hot tubs, play a round of mini golf… and so much more, all within 100 meters of your room! What’s not to love about all of that??

Cruising gives you the opportunity to visit many different islands and experiences many different cultures, and not just on the islands but with the people you meet on the cruise. We met so many wonderful people from all over the world on our cruise and heard so many amazing stories from people who have traveled the world in various ways. Isn’t that all part of the travel experience?


Cruise Travel

Curacao Island – They love color in Curacao and it just looks amazing!


Why is it then cruising gets such negative judgment from some long-term travelers? I’m not saying I think it’s a great idea to cruise ALL the time. I’m a big advocate of travelers trying MANY different methods of travel. But I don’t think you should rule our cruising – Unless you tried it and really didn’t enjoy it of course!

Does luxurious travel not give you the life long memories that backpacking and hosteling gives you? From personal experience I can say with 100% certainty, I will remember my 14 day cruise well before I remember my hostel stays.

Cruising enabled me to see parts of the world I never would have seen if I didn’t cruise.


Cruise Travel

Our ship docked at Virgin Islands


Of course we all like different things and everybody is entitled to their own views and opinions! We are not all going to enjoy every method of travel out there. I will be the first to admit I’m not a fan of hostels when I know its favored by most long-term travelers.

And it’s ok to have a negative opinion on something (I have plenty of those too!). I just hope people do not let negative opinions sway their own decisions. Because, had I listened to those negative posts and not tried cruising, I would have missed out on an amazing 14 days!


What are your thoughts on cruising? It is travel?