Our time in Florence was short but definitely not forgettable. This city is one of elegance and beauty. It is also the home to some of our favorite European museums. During our stay at Casa Howard Guest House we visited three of the classics in Florence. These museums are some of the most popular in Italy and for very good reason. This is a great place to start for your next visit to this magical city.  Here are our Top 3 Museums in Florence.


Our Top 3 Museums in Florence - cavalcata - uffizi - photo source - www.uffizi.firenze.it


Gallerie degli Uffizi

The Gallerie degli Uffizi is considered one of the best museums on the planet, so it was completely imperative that it was added to this list. The Uffizi houses some of the most important collections of art in the world, thus it’s a must-see for any art lover, specifically fans of classical art and renaissance pieces. Here you’ll find pieces from Caravaggio, Botticelli, and Da Vinci, making it the perfect place to catch a glimpse of those classics, such as the Birth of Venus and Michelangelo’s only panel painting, Holy Family.

The Uffizi houses art from both Italy and many other European countries, and even though the classics are the things that most people come to see, there are still modern pieces here. Basically, it’s Florence’s one-stop-shop for all things art.


Our Top 3 Museums in Florence - cavalcata - source - museostibbert-dot-it


Museo Stibbert

If you’re looking for a bit more of an eclectic collection of objects instead of works of art, the Museo Stibbert is probably the best place for you. Located on Montughi Hill in Florence, the location alone makes it interesting to visit, but so do the 36,000 objects on display here. The most noted of these are the suits of armor on show, which are traditional suits from all over the world, East and West.

The museum came into existence because of Frederick Stibbert, a rich Englishman who decided to start a collection of just about anything one day back in the 19th century. Due to his money, Stibbert managed to collect some seriously interesting artifacts, so he decided to make the collection his very own museum; the Museo Stibbert that stands in Florence today.


Things to do in Florence - David


Accademia Gallery

One of the main reasons why people visit Florence is to see the timeless statue of David, by Michelangelo. The Accademia Gallery is exactly where you’ll find this in Florence, along with other sculptures by Michelangelo, and Renaissance artwork. A visit to the Accademia Gallery to catch a glimpse of the statue of David really is one of the best things to do in Florence, it could even be completely necessary in fact. The incredible detail put into this phenomenal statue is something that really can’t be translated into a photograph, so seeing the real thing up close and personal is a must-do, especially if you’re an art lover.


Do you have any suggestions for museums in Florence?