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Top 3 Museums in The Hague Netherlands

As the seat of the government in the Netherlands and the third largest city in the country, The Hague gets its fair share of tourism. However, as it attracts far less than Amsterdam, it’s got a completely different vibe and atmosphere, which we discovered during our stay with Mövenpick Den Haag.

As The Hague is the perfect combination of tourist spot and off the beaten path destination, there are a number of museums here that will seem like old favorites, and others that will be entirely new. Here’s our rundown of the top 3 museums in The Hague.


Top 3 Museums in The Hague - Gemeentemuseum - source -



For the ultimate art experience in The Hague, head to Gemeentemuseum. The museum houses a huge collection of modern art, with some Monet, Kandinsky, and Picasso thrown in for good measure. With interactive fine art displays and 17th century ‘anatomy lesson’ paintings, you’re sure to find a thing or two in the Gemeentemuseum to please everyone. Not only that, but the museum also has fashion and music collections for those who aren’t into paintings and portraits. This includes exhibitions such as the life and work of Chanel, and photography centered on the human body. Essentially, the Gemeentemuseum is a one-stop-shop for culture and arts in many forms in The Hague.


Top 3 Museums in The Hague - Museon - source -



Travelers aplenty have enjoyed science and nature museums all over the world on their travels, and if you’re one of those people you should definitely add the Museon to your list. The permanent exhibition called ‘Your World, My World’ depicts anything and everything to do with our world, from how we came into existence, to Barbies and human cloning. This is a fascinating museum if you’re into anthropology and the study of man’s oddities, making it the perfect alternative to endless collections of art that you find all over Europe. You’ll also find geology, biology, archaeology, and anything else ending in ‘-ology’ collections here, making it one of the best things to do in The Hague for a curious mind on a rainy day.


Top 3 Museums in The Hague - source -


Prison Gate Museum

If you’re looking for an even more offbeat museum in The Hague, the Prison Gate is about as odd as it gets here. The Prison Gate is the former prison of the Court of Holland, and here you can see all kinds of torture devices and dive into the world if crime in Holland. Might not exactly be everyone’s cup of tea, and it’s certainly a museum to go on the ‘morbid tourism’ list, but if you’re sick of all those classic museums you find scattered all over Europe, there couldn’t be a more perfect alternative than this.

Rooms such as the Jailer’s Quarters, Interrogation Room, and Judge Chambers are available to wander round, and there are a couple of others than only come as part of a guided tour. Aside from the unsavory use, the building itself is actually a great spot to check out in The Hague, as it’s dates back hundreds of years to medieval times, and is listed as one of the most 100 important monuments in the Netherlands.


Do you have any other recommendations for Top 3 Museums in The Hague?



  1. The Hague has indeed a very different vibe than Amsterdam. Much more relaxed in a way + not so crowdy. Large part of the Dutch government resides here, which is often said to be the reason for the different atmosphere. The prison gate museum sounds kind of fascinating somehow..
    Some other museums worth visiting are the Fotomuseum, which is my favourite museum in The Hague. If you’re travelling with kids I can really recommend Madurodam, a miniature world in the open air.
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  2. I’m a little surprised at your top 3 museums in The Hague. Take for instance the awesome Escher Museum in the Queen’s palace or the breathtakeing Panorama Mesdag. Not to mention the beautiful Mauritshuis with the world famous painting of Vermeer’s ‘girl with the pearl.

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