As one of the major cities in Switzerland, you can imagine that Zurich has plenty of museums to meander through. During our stay at Movenpick Hotel Zürich-Regensdorf we had the chance to explore some of the museums the city has to offer. We narrowed it down to a top 3 list. The Swiss National Museum is an obvious choice and a Zurich classic, but we wanted to pick three for this list that were outside of the norm (or at least two of the three anyway…). If you’re looking for a not-your-average-museum experience in Zurich, look no further than our three museum picks below.


Top 3 Museums in Zurich Switzerland - Modern Art - Photo Source -



Otherwise known as the Museum of Modern Art, the Kunsthaus in Zurich is one of the most popular museums in Zurich, alongside the Swiss National Museum. Opened back in 1910, the museum still stands as one of the most important in Switzerland and in Europe, and houses collections from the Middle Ages, all the way up to present day (so the word ‘Modern Art’ in the name is used broadly here!).

There is mostly an emphasis on Swiss art, which makes it really interesting considering it isn’t exactly a country internationally renowned for its work in the industry. However, a trip to the Kunsthaus in Zurich will no doubt change your mind and reveal to you the many talents that Switzerland has to offer. The museum showcases paintings and sculptures, prints and drawings, photography, and video, so everything is represented here no matter what kind of art you’re in to. The museum is about €16 for entry, which is fair by Swiss standards as everything is quite expensive here.


Top 3 Museums in Zurich Switzerland - Circus Museum in Rapperswil


Circus Museum in Rapperswil

You want a weird museum in Zurich? You got it! The Circus Museum is the only museum dedicated to the circus culture in Switzerland, and to be honest there probably aren’t that many circus museums in other parts of the world, so take advantage of this one whilst you’re in the city. The museum is actually located in the town of Rapperswil, which is around 30 minutes from Zurich on another part of the lake. Even though it sounds bizarre to go on such a journey just to go to a museum, with beautiful views of the lake it doesn’t make such a bad day out of Zurich.

The Swiss National Circus has been based in Rapperswil since it first began in 1919, so there really is no better place than here to check out its history. At this museum you can travel back in time to the circus of years gone by, and check out all the elaborate and beautiful costumes that have been used over the last century.


  Top 3 Museums in Zurich Switzerland - Museum of Design Zurich - source -


Museum of Design Zurich

If classical paintings aren’t really your thing and you’re looking out for something with a little bit more edge in Zurich, then the Museum Of Design Zurich, or ‘Museum für Gestaltung Zürich’, is the place for you. Over 70,000 design pieces are on display here, from posters and graphics, to mass-produced items of the 20th century and what they represent for the time in which they were made.

Even though it might sound mundane to stroll through collections of everyday objects, it really gives you a glance into life from way back in 1875, and the ways in which we as humans have adapted, changed, and grown to today. It’s definitely the place to be if you’re looking for something a little more offbeat and avant-garde in Zurich.


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