The overseas holiday: it’s an escape from the daily routine, to a place where a mid-afternoon siesta is expected, and your most pressing decision of the day is what you’ll order for dinner. For some of us, it’s a fantasy we wish we could afford to turn into a reality sooner rather than later.

So, if your next overseas adventure seems like financial light years away, here are three cost cutting tips to consider:


Australian Money


Watch the dollar

Most of us count down the months until our next big overseas trip. In that time, it is worth keeping an eye on the performance of the Australian dollar. If the dollar is strong, transferring your holiday savings onto a prepaid travel money card could be a beneficial option as it will lock-in the exchange rate of the day for the transfer. Consequently, if the Australian dollar weakens prior to your departure or while you’re away, you won’t lose a portion of your holiday savings due to an undesirable exchange rate.

One solution is The Qantas Frequent Flyer Card with the option of Qantas Cash®. This allows you to load free of charge, 11 currencies, including Australian dollars simultaneously; particularly handy if you’re visiting several different countries.  As an added bonus you could also earn Qantas Points when you pay using Qantas Cash. In essence, you could be earning points for your next trip while you’re on holiday.





Coupon and deal offer websites

  1. Sign up to coupon & daily discount websites

It may seem like a no-brainer, but subscribing to daily discount websites can not only provide inspiration for the best shows on Broadway, but these sites can help you reduce the cost of the fun stuff.

Simply find a discount offer on the website and print the coupon. Typically these deals only last between 24 to 48 hours, so it’s first in best dressed and you’ve got to be quick.

With the numerous coupon websites out there, sometimes deciding and trusting which one to spend your money with can become a little overwhelming. Groupon and Red Balloon are a couple of the more popular sites, otherwise, stick to ones that provide a thorough FAQ section – so you know exactly what the fine print is – and include a customer service option, via the likes of email or phone, so there’s someone that you contact should you have any questions or concerns.


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Use one trip to pay for another – a loyalty rewards program?

Most of us are guilty of signing up to rewards programs and neglecting to check our points balance or the fine print on what our points are earning us.

Using your loyalty points can be a fantastic way to help reduce typically high-cost expenses, such as flights, car hire and accommodation.

When you’re planning your trip, and if you intend on using a rewards card to help pay for it, make the most of the card’s every advantage. Spend some time looking into your loyalty program’s partner company list to see where you can earn additional points while away. Is there a partner hotel where you could earn points while you stay?


Affordable Luxury in Hawaii  - hotel
Also, when you make a purchase using your prepaid travel money card, you may be able to ‘double dip’ and earn points twice – once with the loyalty program you’re a member of, and once with the partner company.

With some planning and investigation into the various deals and discounts out there, your dream destination could be closer than you think. Happy travels!