Is there anything more glamorous and relaxing than chartering a yacht and sailing off for the day down the coast of Croatia? I doubt it! Just lounge back and watch the water pass by as someone else takes care of all the hard stuff. Then grab yourself a Champagne and take a sip as you cruise along the stunning Croatian coastline.

But jumping on a yacht is just the first step… Where do you actually want to cruise to? Lucky you have us to help you out. Here are the top 4 islands to visit when you charter a yacht in Croatia.




Less than 4,000 people call Vis home making this a quiet getaway. Vis has an interesting history as a fishing village, but now supports itself on agriculture and tourism. The best two beaches to moor your yacht off of Vis are Stiniva Beach and Srebrna Beach. Stiniva Beach should be your stop if you love yourself a rugged coastline and a little bay beach, while Srebrna Beach has long beaches with striking blue water. Or you know what, why not do both?



You’ll find Biševo right next to Vis and it makes a great second stop on a day tour. This much smaller island is pretty close to deserted. The highlight of the island are the caves along some of the steep shorelines. The most popular being the Blue Cave.  During the summer in the middle of the day sunbeams penetrate through the opening giving it the blue color it’s famous for. It’s almost a surreal feeling being in there.



Pakleni Islands

You can find the Pakleni Islands located off the southwest coast of the island of Hvar, Croatia. These 16 beautiful islands are mostly uninhabited and you’ll feel like an explorer as you sail through them. Sveti Klement is the main island and the center for activities should you want to venture onshore. You have a couple of options with these islands. You can go with the crowded tourist Perna beach, or the much quieter Mlini beach. Perna beach has one of the only sandy beaches of the islands, but you’ll find yourself competing for a place to lay your towel on a busy day. And while Mlini doesn’t have the sandy beaches, it does come with a more isolated feel that a lot of people like when escaping the mainland. The water is so shallow you can even walk across to one of the other islands.

If the Pakleni Islands aren’t enough for you, just drop by Hvar, which is just a stone throw away. On this much busier island, you’ll find many activities to keep you busy. Or, of course, you might just sit back on your yacht and enjoy the beautiful coastline.



Or last pick for islands to visit while chartering a yacht belongs to the exquisite Korčula. The most populous of the 4 selections we made has quite a history dating back to the 1,200s. This island is steeped in tradition and even had a drawbridge only 150 years ago.  The most popular town on the island is Korcula Town (people call it “Little Dubrovnik” due to its similar traits to the popular town of Croatia). But if you are looking for a scenic spot to moor the yacht, you don’t need to look any further than around the Lumbarda area. Here you will find the best beaches of Korčula.


These are just four of the many wonderful islands to explore while chartering a yacht through the amazing islands of the Adriatic Sea. It’s a trip you’ll never forget and ever want to come back from.


Image credit – Vis & Pakleni Islands.