The Philippines is the second largest archipelago nations and has over 7,000 islands. This stunning country has something for everyone, whether you are a backpacker, luxury traveler or somewhere in between.

There is so much to do on every island you visit from great snorkeling and diving, to cave exploration, to mesmerizing sunsets, and of course the powdery white sand beaches.

With so many islands to choose from, where does one even begin to start when planning an island hoping trip to this gorgeous part of the world?

We are helping you out by breaking down our favorite Philippines islands.

Here is our pick for the best of the best for your island hoping adventures in the Philippines.





This island has been often titles “the best island in the world” and for very good reason. The long stretches of powdery white beaches are one of the many highlights of this beautiful island. You will also find some of the Philippines best cuisine in Boracay.  This small island stretches only 7 kilometers in length but what it lacks is size is definitely makes up for in beauty.



Cebu is the most densely populated island of the Philippines and is rich in history. As well as the incredible beaches that the island if known for, Cebu has so much to offer.  The waterfalls in Cebu are breathtaking and well worth a visit.  This is the most visited island in the Philippines with 35% of tourists choosing Cebu as their tropical getaway.




Bohol is located in the central portion of the Visayas lying between Cebu and Leyte. The most popular attraction in Bohol is by far the Chocolate Hills.  The island consists of more than 1200 hills that are inform in shape and that look like giant mole hills.  You will also find the worlds smallest monkey here in Bohol, the Tarsier. There is also opulent marine life which makes this island the perfect diving vacation.



Palawan’s exceptional land and seascapes make it a first-rate cultural, adventure and nature destination. This stunning island is known for its picturesque emerald waters, beautiful green jungles and gorgeous landscapes.  It is often voted one of the worlds most beautiful islands and for good reason. It is usually recommended to spend at least a full week exploring Palawan, so you can see all the major attractions but still have some time to also chill at the beach or your resort.




This mystical island is known for folklore of witchcraft and age-old legends. But don’t let that scare you off because the island is a scenic paradise with its stunning waterfalls, beautiful diving areas and alluring blue water.  This tiny island packs a punch when it comes to beauty and adventure. Or perhaps you might be more inclined to relax on the beach with cocktail in hand for the duration of your trip to Siquijor.


No matter which islands you choose, one of the best ways to experience the Philippines is with an experienced tour company. They can build you a customized tour package for your unique vacation needs.  We recommend as your go to vacation experts for all things Philippines.


Image credits – Boracay, Bohol & Siquijor