You don’t need to be rich to visit India; you can visit it on a shoestring budget as well. In fact, it is best to see India by taking part in free events, eating at budget friendly hotels, and staying in the hostels. Talking about Jaipur, you could seek out a slew of free and cheap options to help you plan your itinerary accordingly.

Situated in the deserts of Rajasthan, Jaipur has a resemblance to Royal families that has a rich culture and heritage. With a land of diversity, natural beauty, Jaipur attracts both national and international tourists. Visitors seem to adore the architectural wonders as well. Most of the buildings and towers in Jaipur use pink stone, which is the reason why it is commonly called ‘the Pink City.’



Endless Attractions

The lively city celebrates colorful festivals like the Elephant Festival and the Kite Festival to observe its ethnicity. It offers everything to the traveler  from festivals, pageants, richly clad people, a wealth of handicrafts and a lot other sightseeing places. Surrounded by the rugged hills, Jaipur is crowned beautifully by magnificent palaces, forts, gardens and mansions. Yes, you should take advantage of the colorful festivals here and explore the tourist attractions. If you want to enjoy all these attractions, but have a limited budget, there is nothing to worry about; you could always opt for budget friendly hotels available in Jaipur.



Looking for affordable journey options

Plan your layover in any one of the budget hotels since they offer modern facilities. The traditional effigy, when combined with modern and sophisticated facilities, help create the perfect mix to please the heart.

1. Cheap hotels
Jaipur hotels feature beautiful interiors, with remarkable craftsmanship. You will get all the needed facilities in budget hotels in Jaipur starting from deluxe rooms, well-furnished spaces to make your stay a memorable one. The type of accommodation will be just perfect for family travelers as they offer modern amenities at economical rates. The hotels here serve sumptuous cuisines to leave a strong kind of aroma in the visitors’ senses. As a traveler, you cannot help but keep thinking about the lip smacking and delicious cuisines even in your dreams. Moreover, you can book a hotel near religious sites if you want the mornings to be started by religious chants and hymns.

2. Choose hostel over a hotel
If you want to save money on your trip in Jaipur, you could prefer staying in hostels instead of choosing any of the lavish hotels in Jaipur, especially if you are alone or with friends. Hostels are safe and clean. The rooms could be available for as low as Rs 100 per night (less than $2), and you would feel quite comfortable. As for affordable eating options, you could either opt to order meals right from the hostel mess or visit a nearby cheap restaurant.



3. Plan your visit online
To make your journey more budget-friendly, you can go the online ways. All you need is to look for discount offers and deals, as it is always good to plan things well in advance. You may find many lucrative deals from renowned travel and tourism sites like MakeMyTrip, Expedia, Cleartrip, Trivago, Oyo Rooms, Goibibo, Yatra, and more. From cost-effective room booking to tasty meals, and from pick and drop off facility to vehicle booking for the complete tour. You could choose all such and many more options online.

4. Choose perfect timing
For travelers who want to save huge on travels, timing remains the most crucial factor. Even a slight change in the schedule can make a huge difference. Hence, you need to be flexible enough and avoid traveling during the peak months.

5. Pack light
If you are traveling to Jaipur by air, make sure the luggage is lightweight. For any extra weight, the airline may charge huge. This can seriously upset your budget. Do not carry an oversized baggage and try to pack light.


To sum up, it is always good to keep track of your expenses. Among all, Jaipur is the one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. Being the cultural hub, the city is visited by millions of travelers from all across the globe throughout the year. Not surprisingly, from 7 stars to 3 stars, there is a profusion of hotels in Jaipur. However, choosing a decent place to stay in is always wise, especially if you are on a shoestring budget.


Photo credit – Pink facade, children, gardens.