The North Island in New Zealand is one of two main islands, the other one being the less populated but larger South Island. However, while it might be considered the smaller of the two, it is still the world’s 14th largest island. This is the perfect destination, not just for a unique NZ holidays in North Island, but also for people looking to experience exciting adventures.

Indeed, the North Island offers a varied landscape that is perfect for road trips, a one-of-a-kind look at the Polynesian and European culture and history, not to mention breathtaking destinations. When you find yourself in the North Island, you will even feel a sort of nostalgic wonder as each place will feel familiar to you. That is because this island is the main backdrop for Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

So for your imminent North Island NZ trip, we have created a guide on some of the top spots you need to visit.




The first destination you need to go to is Auckland, of course. In terms of population, this is the largest city with more than a million residents. Here, you will have access to beaches, forests, and parklands. Because of its varied terrain, there are countless activities that you can do like sky walking, watching a Rugby game with the national team, or take a long dip at the beach. The best part being in Auckland is you will get to see, from a distance, the 48 extinct volcanoes Auckland was built on.




If you would like to go for a hike, the Waikato region should be on top of your list. In fact, if you feel like going on that trek but are wary of walking all the way up, you can always choose to do it while riding a horse. The Kauri Loop Track at the Hakarimata Scenic reserve is filled with kauri trees which are considered to be the ancient trees of the world whose existence is traced back to the Jurassic Period. You will also get to climb the Karioi Summit Track, an ancient volcano in the North Island. It is a nature paradise.

A spot in Waikato you definitely do not want to miss is Port Waikato, which you may know better as Weathertop Hill, the place Frodo got attacked by a Black Rider. You can also visit Matamata, which you may know better as Hobbiton located.




You might also be interested in visiting the Waitomo Caves. You have probably seen pictures of caves with glowing things sticking on its walls doing the rounds on the Internet — that is a picture of the Waitomo Caves. It is known for an underground network of water-sculpted, limestone caverns and a glow worm grotto. You can choose to ride a barge through the caves, rappel 300 feet down the caverns, or you can go tube rafting through the underground stream.



Kaimanawa Forest Park

Another nature-based destination is the Kaimanawa Forest Park. Here you might get the chance to see the rare white or blue duck. But one of the highlights of hiking through the forest park is getting to see where Mordor and Emyn Muil are, the last leg of Frodo and Samwise’s journey.


To make the NZ holiday tour in North Island easy for you, start at Wellington where there are operators who will take you to all the Lord of the Rings destinations and other key places of interest.


Image credit – Auckland, Waikato, Waitomo & Kaimanawa Forest Park