Considering that Eindhoven was only a village back in 1900, it’s managed to make quite the name for itself since. It might not be the most bustling city in the Netherlands, but if you’re looking to get away from the madness that can be Amsterdam, or other busy spots in this beautiful country, Eindhoven might be just the destination for you.

Eindhoven is known for being quite the cutting edge place, but as it’s also one of the oldest places in the Netherlands, it has a decent mix of old and new to keep any traveler on their toes. Here’s our rundown of the top things to do in Eindhoven.


Top Things to do in Eindhoven Netherlands - Market Square


Stroll around Market Square and surrounding areas

Like many other towns and cities in the Netherlands or Brussels, Eindhoven has its very own Market Square. This square is in the very heart of Eindhoven, and is lined with little shops and cafes with terraces. Many of the streets around here are pedestrianized, allowing you to have a relaxing and carefree meander through the area’s avenues. On a Saturday, Lichtstadmarkt is held here, a local market selling all kinds of art and handicraft oddities.


Van Abbemuseum

With over 2,700 pieces of artwork, Van Abbemuseum is an art lovers’ paradise in Eindhoven. The focus is mainly on modern art, and this museum prides itself on challenging visitors’ perception of art as much as possible.  As the museum is an open public site, hospitality lies at the heart of what the Van Abbemuseum is all about. The main exhibition is a diverse collection on painting dating from 1900, and is one of the best collections of modern art in the Netherlands, perhaps even Europe. If you’re in town on the first Thursday of the month, take advantage of the free entrance to the museum running from 5pm. Also, the Van Abbemuseum building itself is a pretty spectacular sight to behold, and a spot not to be missed in Eindhoven.


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Het Stratumseind

If you’re looking for a lively spot to enjoy in Eindhoven, Stratumseind is definitely going to be your best bet. Otherwise simply known as Stratum, this is one of the busiest streets in Eindhoven, and also claims the title of street with the most bars in the Netherlands. That fact might be the one thing that puts you off heading to Stratum entirely, but for those of you who want to feel really in the thick of it, there is no better place in the city than here. During the day the street is actually quite quaint and quiet, but in the evenings there is an onslaught of nightlife hunters looking for a good time.


DAF Museum

If you have any kids, or are a big kid yourself, the DAF Museum will create a couple of entertaining hours for you in Eindhoven. The DAF are a truck manufacturer based in Eindhoven, and their museum shows an array of old and new trucks from their production line. Let’s face it – this museum is basically for boys, or men, who are into anything massive and cool in the world of automobiles. There are also some pretty great vintage trucks here that might spark a bit of nostalgia for anyone who owned toy cars when they were little.


Top Things to do in Eindhoven Netherlands - Evoluon - source -



A conference center isn’t always going to be exactly what a traveler is looking to visit when on the road, but Evoluon in Eindhoven is well worth checking out during your time in the city. Essentially, the building is like a giant flying saucer, and was created by the electronics company Philips as a celebration of their 75 anniversary. It’s not surprising to learn that the building was opened in 1966, as you can definitely see the space-obsessed influence of the time shining through in its design. Since its opening day, it has become an Eindhoven landmark, and many recognize pictures of the city thanks to the Evoluon. It used to be a science museum but sadly that didn’t make enough money, so for tourists the buildings only use now is to admire it from the outside. Regardless of that, it’s still well worth checking out.


MU Artspace

If you’re an art fanatic looking for an ultra cool spot in Eindhoven, you’ve definitely found it in MY Artspace. This museum prides itself on its quirky and hip exhibitions of ‘visual culture’, and contains a mix of art, design, visual media, and pop culture. If you know anything about super modern art, this might make sense to you and appeal. If not, it might be a bit too ‘out there’ if you’re looking for something a little more classical!


Top Things to do in Eindhoven Netherlands - Genneperpark source -



There aren’t too many cities in Europe where you’ll find a huge nature reserve right in the middle of the city center, which is exactly what Genneperpark is for Eindhoven. This beautiful spot in the city attracts over 3 million people each year, and it the ideal space for anyone looking for some greenery in the city. Aside from being able to stroll through the park, there are also opportunities to go cycling, hiking, take part in some winter sports, visit the Eindhoven Museum or cartoon museum, take a pony ride, do a range of indoor sports, and even visit the organic farm on site. Genneperpark definitely warrants a whole day of exploration.


Setting the Standard at Park Plaza Eindhoven - Lounge


Somewhere to sleep

Park Plaza Eindhoven is centrally located with easy access to the city center and train station. We spent two nights here and were utterly impressed by the whole experience. The staff were very friendly and helpful, which is always a plus in my books. The décor was fresh and chic in colors of purple, silver and white. With ample size rooms and great facilities, you are sure to enjoy your stay at Park Plaza Eindhoven.


Have we missed anything from our Top Things to do in Eindhoven list?