Santorini is one of those destinations that, once you see a picture of those white washed buildings sat on the hills in Greece, you fall in love with right away. It’s a dream destination for many merely because of its unbeatable beauty, but there are also many things you can do here. Santorini is the kind of the place where it’s very easy to simply be swept away by its charm, and that’s a good thing! We visited this amazing island as part of our Royal Caribbean Cruise; it was the port we were most looking forward to, and it didn’t disappoint! Here’s our rundown of what do see and do when you visit the stunning Santorini.


Top Things to do in Santorini Greece - Buildings


Stay in a ‘yposkafo’

These little ‘cave houses’ were once built for the poorer people in Santorini, but they’ve now become extremely popular as accommodation. Many locals have cottoned on to this fact and have renovated their ‘yposkafo’ to make it a luxurious form of accommodation for visitors. For a typical Sanotrini experience, book yourself into one of these.


Go scuba diving

Here the oceans are crystal clear, making it one of the best places to go diving in this part of the world. There are several dive companies in operation in the area, so get your scuba on and take a peek into the underwater world of volcanic rocks and Greek marine life.


Top Things to do in Santorini Greece - Food and Drink


Try the local cuisine

As the town of Santorini sits on volcanic soil, it is rich in nutrients and grows the most delicious produce. Ask your accommodation which restaurants you might be able to find some authentic local cuisine made from produce grown in the area, and experience all that this rich land as to offer.


Explore Akrotiri

Akrotiri is an old settlement of the island that was destroyed thousands of years ago by a volcanic eruption where it was covered in ash.  It was ‘rediscovered’ in the 1960s where it was found to be well preserved over the years and a perfect site for archeologists.   After being closed to the public for 6 years, it is now open again and any archaeology enthusiast in Santorini should make sure they pay this spot a visit. While some parts of the site are still closed as they are being restored, the spots that are open allow you to discover ancient homes and pottery.


Top Things to do in Santorini Greece - Wine


Visit a winery

Wine has produced in Sanotrini since ancient times, and it has since then become some of the most famous wine on the planet. There are a number of wineries you can visit or tours you can go on to get you in touch with the city’s ancient process of making wine. The white wines are the most famous here, so definitely make sure you take a sip or two (or ten) of these during you time here.


Experience a Santorini sunset

One of the best things to do in Santorini is simply watch the sun go down. As well at watching it go down over the horizon, make sure you also have a view of Santorini itself, so that you can watch the white washed buildings turns that beautiful golden color, with a touch of pink. If you’re looking for a good spot from which to watch the sunset, Oia Castle is one of the best in Santorini.


Top Things to do in Santorini Greece - Buildings


Visit Oia

To the north of the island Oia is the best place to see all those beautiful white buildings.  Get yourself lost in the pathways that snake around the town and get your camera ready for the incredible views you will have around every turn.  It’s easy to spend hours searching around to make sure you haven’t missed something photo worthy.  The good news is that you really can’t take a wrong turn.


Do you have any suggestions on top things to do in Santorini Greece?