I could tell you what travel means to me, but wouldn’t it be much better to hear it from ten of the BIGGEST travel bloggers in the world??

All of these men and women have been a huge inspiration to me, and to many other travelers and bloggers around the world.  When Michael and I were planning our new travel life, it was these travel bloggers that unknowingly encouraged me to pursue my dreams of perpetual travel.  They gave me the courage, inspiration and knowledge to turn my dream into a reality.

Michael and I hope that we can now inspire others through this blog just as we were inspired by these wonderful travel bloggers.  But for now, lets hear what travel means to these Top 10 Travel Bloggers!




Everything Everywhere – Gary Arndt

“To me traveling means two things: freedom and learning. Traveling gives me the freedom to go where I please, when I want. The world is also the biggest university in the world. As long as you are traveling, you are learning. There is no way to escape it.”


Dan and Audrey - Profile Picture


Uncornered MarketAudrey Scott

“Travel for us is exploration, of being able to follow one’s curiosity to continually learn and question. Travel is about going to a place and having all your assumptions and what you thought you knew of the world turned completely upside down. It’s about finding connections and similarities in places and people that you originally thought were so different. Travel is about doing things that scare you, talking with strangers, getting to the top of a mountain that looked insurmountable. It’s about breaking down fears and realizing what is possible.”


Samuel Jeffery - Photo by Dustin Main of dustinmain.com


Nomadic Samuel – Samuel Jeffery

“Travel has meant the world to me. Considering I grew up in an isolated small village located on an island, I’ve always been curious to explore foreign territory. As a young adult I struggled with direction not knowing what I wanted in life. I bounced around from program to program in University and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life post graduation. The best decision I ever made was to accept a teaching contract in South Korea. Within a few days of completing the E2 Visa I was living literally half way around the world immersed in a culture completely different from my own.

I saved diligently during this time with the idea that I would take an extended backpacking trip afterwards. While traveling through SE Asia I found direction and a sense of purpose in my life for the first time as an adult. I didn’t just enjoy travel: I loved it! From that moment, I’ve been dedicating my life to exploring new countries and immersing myself in the culture and food as much as possible.

If it hadn’t been for travel I’d most likely be back home in Canada working at a job I don’t enjoy spending my free trying to acquire or upgrade my material possessions. Instead, I’m now collecting experiences on the road with my girlfriend Audrey. I would have never met her had I never traveled nor started my travel blog. It was in South Korea, working as teachers, that we met one another through our blogs. Now we’re on an indefinite adventure traveling around the world. I’ve never been happier in my entire life. I owe all of this to travel.”


Barb - Profile


Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel – Barbara Ann Weibel

“As long as I can remember, I’ve had the wanderlust. I’ve traveled solo most of my life and the question I’m most often asked is, “Aren’t you afraid?” I am mystified by the level of fear associated with traveling in general, and especially with female solo travel. In seven years of perpetually wandering across the globe I have never once felt unsafe. I believe that fear of others, who we somehow see as being different from ourselves, is responsible for many of the world’s problems. Yet I have come to understand that though we may wear different clothes, speak a different languages, eat different foods, or practice different religions, at our core we all want the same things: a roof over our heads, enough food to eat, clothes to wear, safety, freedom, and a better life for our children. This realization has shaped my blog from its inception, as I focus on culture and immerse in local cultures whenever possible.

I firmly believe that the better we get to know one another as individuals, the less likely we will want to kill one another. Travel fosters understanding and acceptance, and I believe it offers a tremendous potential for fostering world peace. If my blog convinces one person to travel and meet people from other cultures, or eliminates fear from just one mind, then I’m doing something valuable.”




Adventurous Kate – Kate McCulley

“Travel rescued me from an ordinary life. In my mid-twenties, I was living in the city closest to where I grew up and working in a field that I hated long enough to get paid better than I would if I switched career paths. My dream of traveling the world had faded in favor of living the typical urban twentysomething lifestyle. I felt stuck. And so I left — went to Thailand in 2010, and have been traveling full-time since. Travel has shown me landscapes, people, and cultures that I only though existed in my dreams. Travel led me to finding true love and my fiancé. And, happily, I’ve somehow managed to shape travel into a career, showing people how to do the same way and enrich their own lives, while giving me the freedom to pursue passion projects on the side. Travel has given me everything!”




Otts World – Sherry Ott

“Travel is the act of seeing to me. It’s the process of opening your eyes to the world around you, but also to how you see yourself. You can see for yourself how cultures operate on a day to day basis which allows you to form your own opinions of cultures instead of simply accepting what the media tells us. You see the stunning landscapes and vistas of the globe – the things that the word ‘awe’ was created for. You see people and how they interact, what they eat, how they love, and what their downfalls are. And finally travel gives you the opportunity to see yourself in a new light. It will make you more confident and aware of your own abilities as it pushes your limits, and gets you out of your safe routine.”


Legal Nomad1


Legal Nomads – Jodi Ettenberg

“To me, travel is an incredible vehicle to learn and experience as much as possible in a short period of time. By going outside your comfort zone and exposing yourself to new people and places and traditions, you short-circuit education that would not take root as viscerally merely by reading about those experiences in a book. I’ve been traveling and living abroad for close to 6 years, and people often ask if I am tired of it. The way I travel has changed — I spend months instead of weeks in a place now, more of a base than a visit. But because of all that newness and the small things that make a country or city fascinating (little gestures, food traditions, different festivals or celebration) it has never felt boring or old. To the contrary, I still can’t sleep before I go to a new place after all this time.”


Y Travel Blog


Y Travel Blog – Caroline Makepeace

“If travel is not a part of my life, it feels as if I am trying to drink through a straw that has holes in it- it just doesn’t work and I come up thirsty and empty. Travel allows me to live from a space of joy, gratitude, wonder and awe. These are our highest states of emotion and only contribute to spreading peace and love. Travel also satisfies the values I esteem the most- freedom and fun. Therefore, I can only be truly happy and satisfied if I am moving from place to place and choosing how my day looks. I also get to meet really cool people and have friends all over the world. I LOVE that!”


Deb and Dave - Profile Picture


The Planet D – Dave and Deb

“Travel means education. While adventure activities are our favourite part of travel, it is what we learn about the world that always sticks with us. Travel is the best education that anyone can have. When we travel we are fascinated by history. That same history that put us to sleep in the classroom, suddenly springs to life when we are standing on a historical site experiencing it first hand. We are captivated by geography and drawn in to Social Studies. Everything we learned in school suddenly becomes clear when we travel. We look forward to learning more and investigating deeper. I think that most of what we know about the world comes from our experiences traveling. You can read about it and study it all you want from books, but nothing compares to seeing a place with your own two eyes. Our minds are opened to new cultures and different ways of thinking, we care more about world issues and are compelled to take an active role conservation. When we are at home reading about it or watching on TV we are detached, when we are in the moment we suddenly understand.”


Nomadic Matt


Nomadic Matt – Matthew Kepnes

“To me, travel is about exploring the world and understanding how all the pieces in it fit together. We have such a big and diverse world, if you don’t travel, you’ll never learn about why people behave the way they do and act the way they act. Travel shows you all the facets of humanity and broadens your mind to the possibilities of life.”


What does travel mean to you?


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