Like many other travel bloggers, we are frequently questioned about our favorite places around the world.   And, as much as we love every place we visit, there are a few places we hold close to our hearts.  We asked our blogger friends the same question and we were quite surprised by some of their answers.  This is a two part series; you will find Part 1 here.  We hope you enjoy Part 2 of Our Favorite Places.


Costa Rica Waterfall


Suitcase Stories – Michael

Costa Rica – There are so many places in the world I love.  From busy cities to remote towns, but one place that will always be special to me is Costa Rica.  We were lucky enough to spend a few months there including an incredible road trip.  The jungle is incredibly lush with so much wildlife.  There aren’t words to describe seeing sloths in their natural habitat.


Travel Bloggers Tell All - Our Favorite Places - Traveling with MJ  - Italy


Traveling with MJ – Mary Jo Manzanares

Italy is my favorite place, but it seems tempting fate to select one town over another. While the precise location may be different, the key ingredients are always the same: winding streets and walkways, flowers and other Italian color, warm hospitality, delicious food, and perhaps a glass of wine.


Travel Bloggers Tell All - Our Favorite Places - 1 Dad 1 Kid - Morocco


1 Dad 1 Kid – Talon Windwalker

One of my absolute favorite places in the world is an oasis in Morocco called Tighmert. It is outside the city of Guelmim, which is known as the Gateway to the Sahara. You will hardly ever see a fellow foreigner in the entire area. People are helpful and kind. The area is so completely mellow that it was a big catalyst for some serious transformation for me. Every morning we woke up to the sounds of donkeys braying and goats and sheep being herded, as well as the sound of dates falling from the palm trees while birds enjoyed a meal. You get a real flavor of Moroccan culture that is just so different from the popular places to visit.


Travel Bloggers Tell All - Our Favorite Places -  A Passion and A Passport - Maui


A Passion and A Passport – Jessica Kay

My favorite place in the world is probably a bit different than others – I fell in love with the ocean this past summer in Maui. With my mask and fins on, I marveled at all the sea creatures, especially the sea turtles. It was then that I decided I wanted to become a professional snorkeler and live in the waters of Hawaii.


Travel Bloggers Tell All - Our Favorite Places - Just One Way Ticket - El Nido


Just One Way Ticket – Sabrina Iovino

One of my favorite places in the world is El Nido, Palawan in the Philippines. Someone told me once it’s an extension of heaven. I couldn’t describe the place any better than that. It’s a paradise on earth, still very affordable and not overrun by tourists…


Travel Bloggers Tell All - Our Favorite Places - Not without my passport - Galapagos Islands


Not Without My Passport – Helen Suk

From walking amongst giant tortoises to swimming with sea lions and sharks in their natural habitats, the Galapagos Islands offer a myriad of activities for the wildlife enthusiast in a relatively unspoiled archipelago. It’s extraordinary. And the good news: This dream destination can be more affordable than one might think.


Travel Bloggers Tell All - Our Favorite Places - Go Click Travel - Burma


Go Click Travel Bethaney Davies

My favourite place on my travels so far has been Burma (or Myanmar). Burma has the most glittering golden pagodas, wonderful friendly people and really interesting food. It’s definitely one of the places I would suggest visiting sooner rather than later as big changes have begun to develop and modernise the country. I hope it doesn’t lose it’s charm.


Travel Bloggers Tell All - Our Favorite Places - The Constant Rambler - Canada


The Constant Rambler – Kenin Bassart

This shot was taken on an early winter day in Kluane Lake National Park in the Yukon Territory, Canada. This scene combines 3 of my favorite things: water, mountains, and the snow. What makes it my favorite place though is the serenity. While the summer fills the lake with boats, tourists, and rabble rousers, winter brings the peace and solitude that allows our souls to flourish.




Passports & Pamplemousse – Eva Gold

Imposing snow-capped mountain peaks form a silently dramatic background to the sequence of romantic rolling hills, fertile valleys and enchanting plains which unite themselves into the 8 provinces of Italy’s 2nd largest region – Piedmont (Piemonte). Literally meaning “at the foot of the mountain”, Piedmont is gracefully seductive. This is a region where nature, culture, tradition and epicureanism prevail, and this is a region which has become a second home to me. What started with a brief off-the-beaten path visit as part of a tour through Italy’s north ended in an annual trip to visit all the locals who we have become friends over the years; our truffle hunter, who we also made wine with, the family that runs the castle hotel where we stay, and the lady at the market stall (same market, same stall, every year) who sells us the best regional wines and local truffles!


Travel Bloggers Tell All - Our Favorite Places - Daves Travel Corner - Death Valley


Dave’s Travel Corner – Dave Levart

One of my favorite destinations is Death Valley in California; it is unique and fascinating and is the largest National Park in the continental United States. The extremes here are incredible from some of the world’s hottest temperatures to the lowest elevation (Badwater) in the Western Hemisphere.


Travel Bloggers Tell All - Our Favorite Places - Wander the Map - Iceland


Wander the Map – Jenna Kvidt

Iceland is our favorite place for so many reasons, but mainly because of the great people and astounding beauty everywhere you turn. The scenery is ever changing and in just one day you can see geothermal pools, mossy lava fields, glaciers, volcanoes, black sand beaches, waterfalls and so much more!


Where’s your favorite place in the world?