When it comes to travelling as a two, it can be hard to know what kind of experiences to prioritise. With so much on offer around the world, deciding where to go is just the first hurdle! With this in mind, here is TravelLocal’s selection of the top 5 travel experiences for couples. TravelLocal is an online platform connecting travellers with local experts around the world and can help you out with information on any of these destinations. From snow-capped mountains to beachside retreats, there’s something to suit every kind of traveller…


For relaxation

Home to snow capped peaks and pristine forests, Bhutan is a quintessential Himalayan paradise. As well as its stunning hiking routes, this charming country also boasts a strong mindfulness and wellbeing culture. Its mountain-top monasteries and temples are the perfect spots for practicing meditation and distancing yourself from the stresses of modern life. There are also natural Tshachu, or hot springs, all over the country. Believed to have healing properties, a soak in the warm waters is the perfect way to banish tension from your body and restore your peace of mind. Breathing the fresh mountain air, and enjoying panoramic views across stunning landscapes, Bhutan is the ideal wellness retreat for any couple.


For a real adventure

If you’re looking to share an unforgettable adventure, there are few to rival Colombia’s Ciudad Perdia, or Lost City. Perched high in Colombia’s isolated coastal mountain range, the ruins of Tairona date back to 800 AD. A stunning, and less touristy, alternative to Machu Picchu, the city can only be reached on foot. Excursions are led by local indigenous guides, many believed to be descendants of those who built the city, who know the area’s stories and secrets. The four day trek will take you through pristine jungle and rural settlements, as well as giving you an insight into Colombia’s fascinating history. Making your bed under the stars, and dipping into wild swimming holes to cool off, Colombia’s lost city is an adventure you’ll never forget.



For Cultural Immersion

A feast for all the senses, Morocco is as welcoming as it is intriguing. While the souks and medinas of Marrakech are well worth a visit, the country also boasts a relatively undiscovered rural culture. Nestled within the Atlas Mountains, the Ait Bougamez Valley is home to incredible scenery and traditional Berber culture. With incredible views of the night sky and unrivalled hospitality, the so-called ‘Valley of Happiness’ is sure to live up to its name! From visiting rural markets to enjoying meals with local families, the region offers a real insight into an ancient way of life.


For a Walk on the Wild Side

Home to diverse and vibrant wildlife, Uganda is the perfect destination for nature lovers. Although it boasts countless safari opportunities, few can hope to rival a gorilla trekking experience. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is home to multiple troops of mountain gorillas and, with an expert local guide on hand, you can observe their behaviours at close quarters. Spending time in their company, and seeing the loving bonds that exist between family members, is a moving and unforgettable experience. With tree-climbing lions, chimpanzees and ‘The Big 5’ also on offer, Uganda is the ideal destination for a walk on the wild side!



For Beachside Bliss

The Corn Islands, 70km off the coast of Nicaragua, are home to white sand beaches and azure waters. The smaller of the two, the aptly named Little Corn, is a jungle-clad gem whose popularity has soared in recent years. Its coast is now alive with guesthouses and restaurants and, at peak times, visitors far outnumber locals! Many completely ignore Big Corn, the larger sister island. With its stunning coastline and underwater coves still relatively untouched, Big Corn is a beach lover’s paradise. Colourful houses dot the main roads of the island and the exceptional restaurants of Little Corn are just a short boat ride away!


Photo credits – .Bhutan, Atlas Mountains, & Little Corn Island.