Couples Travel Tips

We believe that TRAVELING is the best thing you can do as a couple, and that traveling is best done AS A COUPLE.  We believe that because we have been there and done it!  We know how to make it work for us and the great things it has let us accomplish.

Now that doesn’t mean it’s right for you, it’s easy or that it doesn’t have it’s disadvantages.  That is why we thought we would put a section together that helps you make the decision on whether traveling long term as a couple is for you, as well as some tips to help you once you are out on the road.  We then provide some first hand experiences from life on the road as a couple.

This information should help you out, whether you are planning your travels or half way through them.


Pros and Cons of Long Term Travel as a Couple


Tips for Long Term Travel as a Couple

 12 months and I dont want to kill him yet

Should you Travel Long Term as a Couple


How to survive long term travel as a couple





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