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So you have decided that you are going to do it!  Firstly, congratulations!  The decision you have have made will be life changing.  Now, will this life changing experience run smoothly?  There is one way to ensure everything does in fact run smoothly;



A lot of people say “I don’t want to plan.  I just want to hit the road.  I just want to pack my bags and go”.  All we can say is “Good luck!”, because they are going to need it.  We hope you don’t get in an accident, because you forgot to get travel insurance, or get bitten by a mosquito in Thailand, because you didn’t get your Malaria vaccination.  Planning is so important.  With good planning your travels are going to be a lot smoother and easier.  And trust us, you are going to want ‘easy’, because it can get very bumpy out there at times and you will want that comfort at the back of your mind that you have approached your travels with a plan in place.

We are not saying you need to plan everything, because that can defeat the purpose of why you want to travel (i.e. the freedom).  Don’t plan out your day to the hour and don’t plan what socks you are going to wear on Monday.  We are talking about the key items you need to action before you leave so you can enjoy this experience.

To help you with your planning, we put together a page with all our planning travel tips, set out so it’s easy for you to navigate your way through and put your plan together.

And keep checking back, because we will continually be adding to the list and you won’t want to miss out!


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