We’ve called China “home” for the past year now and have really learned a lot about this fascinating land. From the ancient culture to the different foods, China has it all. If you’re wondering where you should go on your next trip, this post should answer it: China! We give you the low down on why you should Travel to China


It’s So Different

Isn’t that why we all travel? To experience something new and different from our usual country? China has that “wow” factor and you’ll be constantly turning your head from side to side to witness all of the interesting ways of life around you. Get your camera ready, everything is so photogenic!


Why You Should Travel To China

China is so different from the western world…would you ever see a street-side seamstress?!


The Value For Money

China is a great place to travel for any budget. If you have lots of money to spend, you can really stay in high-end hotels, eat at expensive restaurants and take first class trains. If you’re more budget conscious, the hostels are a great value for money, the transportation is efficient and clean and you can eat a great meal for a couple of dollars.


Why You Should Travel To China

The value for money is great in China, the bullet trains are even budget friendly


Cute Kids

Ok, we’ve seen children from all around the world and I think it’s safe to say that the cutest kids are in China! From the little pudgy babies to the young girls with pigtails, they are all adorable.


Why You Should Travel To China - Kids

The kids in China are so cute!


The Sights

China has so many ancient monuments and sights, most of which are in great condition. From the Great Wall of China to the Terracotta Warriors and a massive Buddha carved out of the cliff side, China’s sights will not disappoint. As a bonus, the admission costs aren’t outrageous either.


Why You Should Travel To China - Great Wall

China is full of amazing sights, The Great Wall Of China being one of them


The Food

Before coming to China, we really had no idea what Chinese food was. We were under the impression that it was all chicken chow mein, ginger beef and eyeballs. Well, it turns out there’s no chow mein in China, but they do eat eyeballs! Chinese food is so diverse and delicious. Whether it’s street side dumplings, spicy tofu or sautéed pork and vegetables, everything is good. Try the stomach, duck’s blood and cow’s tongue, they’re surprisingly tasty!


Why You Should Travel To China - Food

Dumplings are one of the best foods in China!


The People

The people of China are some of the kindest in the world. They are genuinely interested in talking with westerners, are very inquisitive and intrigued by foreigners and are honest. Sit down, have a cup of tea and try to have a conversation in broken English with a local person, it’ll be the highlight of your day.


Why You Should Travel To China - Old man

The people in China are some of the kindest in the world


Old Towns

Almost every city in China has an Old Town. An area with traditional architecture, old homes and local people living their day-to-day life as they have for years. Wandering around an old town in China makes for a perfect day out. We recommend getting lost in the narrow alleyways…you never know what you’ll find!


Why You Should Travel To China - Old Town

The Old Towns in China are a great way to spend a day


The Blossoms

Traveling to China in the springtime is a beautiful time of year. All of the trees and flowers are in bloom and everyone is out and about enjoying the sunshine. Being able to witness the short period in the year when the bright flowers are out is something you don’t want to miss.


travel in china

The blossoms in China are beautiful in the springtime!



Chinese culture is the oldest in the world. Even though modern ways have crept in, there is so much history and culture here. Although we may think there are many quirks to this culture (like not liking heat or air conditioning!), the Chinese way of life and importance placed on family and community is fascinating. Visit ancient temples and monasteries and wander around back streets and alleyways to witness the true Chinese ways of life.


Why You Should Travel To China - Buddhist Monastery

A colorful Buddhist Monastery in Beijing


The Gardens

In many of the cities in China, there will be a garden. Basically it’s a large sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds and the heat. Beautiful landscaping, trees, pagodas, water and most importantly, peace & quiet are what you’ll find here!


Why You Should Travel To China - backpacking in china

The gardens in China are the place to go for some peace & quiet


We traveled through China for one month before moving here and have seen many areas. This country is so massive and diverse that we could spend years here and still not see it all. China is a country that is changing rapidly. Even though it still retains its culture and traditional ways, modernity is creeping in. Our suggestion is to get here fast and enjoy the authentic nature of this beautiful country. For more information on traveling here, check out our Budget Guide to Backpacking China.


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