Fourteen years ago I met and fell in love with my soul mate.  The world was our oyster, as they say.   We were young but our travel dreams started early and before we knew it we were traveling as a couple.

And once the travel bug bit, there was no stopping us!

We took vacations every year traveling as a couple, some times twice a year.  We were already planning the next trip before we had finished the current trip.  We loved seeing new places, meeting new people and experiencing new things.

We always traveled well together.  We both wanted to see the world, one step at a time.   But after a while, we grew tired of the one step at a time thing.  We wanted more!

So 13 years after we first met, we packed our bags and left our mundane lives for the most extraordinary adventure as a couple – Long Term Travel.


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One question I was asked time and time again was “How will you go traveling as a couple and living with each other 24/7?”  And to be completely honest, I wasn’t worried at all.  After all, I was taking off on this amazing adventure with my best friend… Someone who wanted to travel as much as I did, someone who was open to new experiences and the only person I wanted to share the most amazing journey of my life with.

Now, you may ask Michael the 24/7 questions and perhaps you will get a different answer!  But for me, it just added to the excitement.

And now today, after 12 months of being with him 24/7 (minus not much more than bathroom breaks!) I can honestly say, it’s the best decision we have ever made.

Yes, there are times where I find myself wishing for a girls weekend away (I have no one to watch Sex and the City with while painting our toe nails!) but not once have I regretted our decision to travel long term together.

After 14 years with someone you tend to know them inside and out so Michael knows when he needs to give me some space as I know when not to interrupt him while he’s playing online poker.


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If you were to ask me what makes traveling as a couple work I would say: Good communication; Honesty; Compromise; And a good sense of humor!  In fact, humor is probably most important!  We have learned to laugh at unfortunate situations, at ourselves and at each other (in a loving way!) and I contribute that to be the reason why we don’t want to kill each other by now!

I think we find it easier to laugh now than in our ‘old life’ due to the fact we have much less stress and we are happier than we have ever been.

I feel renewed, alive and a passion for life that I have never felt before.  In my ‘old life’ I used to stress about everything; now I can laugh about it and move on.  This most definitely eases the strain from any relationship.

Michael and I are the happiest we have ever been and we know that’s because we get to share this amazing journey with each other.


Have you traveled as a couple?  What are your secrets to successful couples travel?