Making a fantasy into a reality sounds like a lot of hard work, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Tokyo is a well-known luxury destination worldwide and there are endless things to do and see while traveling there. Five-star accommodations are abound, and top-notch restaurants seem to be around every corner. There are also lots of historical and cultural places to visit and the nightlife is off the charts! So what is stopping you from taking the plunge?




Flying First Class, Business Class, and Beyond

If you’ve been putting off this dream vacation because you don’t want to be cramped in a plane for what feels like days, stop right there and prepare to pack your bags. Thanks to Ultimate Class Airfares, your flight to Tokyo (as well as many other destinations) can be just as amazing as your stay there. Their specialized team will work to put together the perfect First or Business Class reservation for you based on the dates you want to depart and return, where you are going, and what exactly you want your experience to be like. They can also set all this up for you for up to 75% off of what you would normally pay – so, they save you money, too.

Even last-minute plans aren’t a problem. The experts at Ultimate Class Airfares are accustomed to helping people get where they need to go for a spur-of-the-moment business meeting across the globe. You can rest assured that you will arrive on time, plus you won’t sacrifice comfort during your flight. The company prides itself on customer care and will be available to you before, during, and after your flight. Whatever your needs are, they will be met and exceeded.

Flying First Class internationally is usually the best way to ensure maximum comfort, but specifics do vary between airlines, so it’s important to know what exactly you hope to get from your flight. Most often you will be in a seat that transforms into a bed, complete with high-end mattress and pillow. You have access to hundreds of movies and songs you can enjoy privately using the flat screen television in front of your seat. Chefs prepare the meals and you also get professionally recommended wine pairings – so your food options are pretty amazing!




Business Class on international flights is usually located directly behind First Class. As one might guess, passengers in this section are usually far more comfortable than those in “economy”, but not traveling quite as luxuriously as First Class guests. You can typically expect a similar seat that reclines, as well as a personal television, but the seat may not include luxury linens and the TV might be smaller. Still, there is plenty of leg room, great food, and options for entertainment.

Some airlines offer a hybrid option of First Class and Business Class, which is pretty much what you would think. It’s a bit of a compromise, but at a lower price point. Again, reaching out to specialists like Ultimate Class Airfares and letting them know exactly what features are important to you is the best way to go. They find the best deal for you to make sure you get the most out of your travel without sacrificing anything. Also note that the international versions of First and Business Class are vastly different from that of domestic flights, so be sure to not confuse the two.




Taking Tokyo

Once you arrive and you’re checked into your opulent 5-star Tokyo hotel, you’ll surely be looking forward to checking out some of the amazing sites. One “must” is to hire a private car to drive you from one place to the next so you can avoid the stress and actually enjoy the gorgeous views.

Roppongi Hills Mori Tower houses the Mori Art Museum and a breathtaking observation deck on the 54th floor. Also nearby is the National Art Center, the largest and most elite museum in Japan. The Ginza district sports the most impressive shopping, including the oldest department stores in the city, as well as a cornucopia of modern designer shops and boutiques. There’s also the Tokyo Sky Tree, the Ghibli Museum, and – of course – you can’t leave Tokyo without taking in some kabuki theater.

Once you’ve thoroughly exhausted yourself from fun (and you’ve taken a million photographs of Mother Nature’s exquisite handiwork) you’ll certainly be enjoying the spa at the hotel and the bed of your dreams for your best night of sleep ever.



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Heading Home

Often times our last night of vacation is a sleepless one, as we lie awake in bed worrying about the trip back home. If you book your flight using Ultimate Class Airfares that won’t be a problem. Your last night in the hotel will be a good one and you will sleep like a baby knowing your return flight will be a continuation of comfort and luxury- as you’re doted on until you land. As a matter of fact, you’ll never have to travel in cramped style again. So, sleep easy knowing that you have someone working for you to make sure that your First and Business Class flight experiences always keep you pampered and living the good life.



This post was sponsored by Ultimate Class Airfares.