The Isle of Wight is one of the most beloved island resorts in the UK and has been one of the most visited for generations. Over the years, the resort has been able to modernize itself with the times while retaining its traditional charm.

Getting to the Isle of Wight is very simple. It takes not even two hours to get to the Isle of Wight from London. Located on the English seaside, it is one of the few holiday destinations that welcome people round the year. In addition to the most pristine beaches of the country, the Isle of Wight offers numerous attractions to keep the entire family entertained.

Blue Chip Holidays have narrowed down the following things one must experience on a trip to this amazing and beautiful island. Make sure you don’t miss out a single one of these events while you’re there.



Festival of the Sea

If you’re visiting the Isle of Wight during the end of June or the beginning of July, you must attend the Festival of the Sea. Held from the 23rd of June to the 9th of July, this nine-day festival is a spectacular montage of the maritime history of the island. From art shows to amusement rides, there are all sorts of exciting family activities you can choose from. You can spend hours savouring gastronomic delights at the numerous food stalls and cookery points.

For those with a more adventurous spirit, there are opportunities to participate in yacht sailing, kayaking, surfing and even wind surfing, but make sure you keep any travel gadgets you’re carrying safe. You’ll always have something new to try every day of the festival.

By far, the most anticipated event of the festival is called the Shipwreck Isle 2017. Scheduled for the 2nd of July on Appley Beach, this pirate-themed event allows you to dress up in pirate costumes and party through the night. There’s going to be lots of music, daring feats, and unforgettable performances.



The Shanklin Resort

After having your rush of adrenalin on Appley Beach, head to the Shanklin seafront for some traditional English R&R. Steeped in typical English tradition, this is a perfect spot to have a leisurely stroll along the sandy beach or take in soothing views of the setting sun. The Shanklin seafront offers plenty of opportunities for swimming and relaxing on the beach as one can conveniently hire huts as well as deckchairs for the day.

There’s plenty to enjoy here as well. A recent addition is a pirate-themed amusement park called Pirates Cove whereas several food kiosks and cafes have sprung up that offer a variety of food choices. You can burn off those calories by partaking in beach games like volleyball or hitting the arcade or bowling alley.



Afton Park Adventures

If your appetite for adventure and thrill is still not satiated, then head out to Afton Park where you’ll experience 30 different outdoor activities taking place simultaneously. Isn’t that what we call being spoilt for choice?

Afton Park operates round the week so you are sure to find some sort of adventure whenever you drop in. Some of the popular activities include kayaking in the open sea, wall climbing and archery. You can choose any activity depending on your taste and energy level. The booking centre organizes group activities for families, students and singles. All in all, this is a great way to have fun and get a good dose of fresh sea breeze for the day.



Blackgang Chine

Blackgang Chine is the closest the Isle of Wight comes to Disneyland. Since it is the earliest amusement park in the UK, Blackgang Chine attracts thousands of visitors each year. Filled with amusement rides and food spots, the park offers hours of leisure to everyone. There are large pirate ships that look almost like the real thing. Children can imagine their own adventures as they explore the ins and outs of these ships.

Blackgang Chine also has its very own Cowboy Town where you can walk along an exhilarating walkway through the beautiful vegetation to witness cowboy and Indians, a typical western town complete with a bank, provisions store and salon.

The Fairy Village has its very own Fairy Castle with lots of interesting rooms and spaces to explore. There’s also a wishing tree with a musical band of goblins to keep you entertained.

At the Dinosaur Valley, you can get a taste of Jurassic Park in Britain. Live models of different types of dinosaurs, including a T-Rex, draw visitors by the throng.

There are also plenty of restaurants that offer a variety of foods from fried chicken, fish and chips to ice cream.


A trip to the Isle of Wight is an absolute must if you’re holidaying in England. It has a traditional charm that captivates everyone who visits it.


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