We went to Vienna with moderate expectations.  While we wanted to go, we didn’t have the high exceptions someone has when visiting places like New York or Paris.  Well, weren’t we in for a pleasant surprise!  We loved it there (even if our stay was brief).  We were lucky to be staying nice and close to the center of the city at the new Kempinski Hotel, which meant we could walk around the beautiful city and take in all the sites (and even stop off for a bite to eat).

There was plenty to see in Vienna.  At every turn we found something else to admire, from buildings to parks to cobble-stoned roads.  And lucky for you we took our camera with us!  Here are some of our favorite shots of one of our new favorite cities.


Vienna Photo Post - Golden Statue

Golden Statue overlooking the city



Vienna Photo Post - Government Building

Parliament Building – Probably my favorite building in Vienna



Vienna Photo Post - Horse Statue

Imperial Palace -Massive building which has a rich history of housing some of the most powerful people in European History



Vienna Photo Post - Building 2

Hofburg Palace – Swarming with people during the day



Vienna Photo Post - Night Building 1

Hofburg Palace – An even more beautiful site at night



Vienna Photo Post - Building 1

Richard Wright building with City Hall in the distance



Vienna Photo Post - Night Building 2

Same location as the above photo, but at night. Beautiful white building with City Hall sitting ominously in the background



Vienna Photo Post - Night Building 3

I love the lighting on this photo



Vienna Photo Post - Statue with Palace in Background

Statue in front of the Schloss Belvedere



Vienna Photo Post - Statues

Women statues holding up the Government Building



Vienna Photo Post - Building 3

St Charles Church – You can climb the towers to get great views of the city



Vienna Photo Post - Building 4

Vienna State Opera Building



Vienna Photo Post - Fountain 1

Water Fountain found along our city walk. I did ask the pigeons to get out of the photo, but they didn’t listen!



Vienna Photo Post - Fountain 2

Water fountain in the middle of the park located in the middle of the city



Vienna Photo Post - Garden

The colors in the gardens located in the park are incredible


What do you think of Vienna?